5 Second Survival...

...offering innovative yet highly-effective tested & proven solutions to some of the most pressing problems you face as part of today’s “boomer” generation.

My name is Ralph Charlton. In 2002 I joined forces with Tim Larkin, creator one of the world’s top-rated self-defense systems known as Target Focus Training. We spent the next 15 years getting this transformational, life-saving program into the hands of 100,00’s of folks just like you using video and live training classes worldwide.

Last year marked the planned end of our long partnership. Tim’s goal was to focus more on the original TFT market – martial arts – and those in the 25 – 50 age group.

On reaching age 70 mine was to back off from an everyday, 365/year effort, continuing to focus on the “boomer” market needs while addressing literally hundreds of questions asked about pressing issues not specifically related to self-defense.

While Tim continues with the Target Focus Training website I’ve chosen the other of the 2 main websites we used, 5 Second Survival.

You may remember the first book TFT self-published, titled How to Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life, co-authored by Tim and TFT Master Instructor Chris Ranck-Buhr.

Marketing and writing about products I believe in that make a difference in people’s lives has been my life’s focus for nearly 30 years now.

To me 5 Second Survival nicely sums up not only what TFT training is about but also the work of many “behind the scenes” companies you may or may not be familiar with (remember the tactical pen, tactical flashlights, 25-year survival food, dry fire training and proprietary survival products).

Each self-protection products, like TFT, we’ve used and practiced with, and items you can “bet your life on.”

And there’s much more to come... both in Security & Self-Protection... as well as the world of Health & Wellness.

We only dabbled here in introducing you to programs like:

  • The dramatic impact of “neurological eye & balance” you perform yourself and,
  • Our own Olympic strength, fitness guru and teacher, focused on helping our 55 and old demographic because stronger as we age.

But we’ve only scratched the surface. In the wings I’ll look at supplements (the most asked questions over the years, by far) including many not well known or even available outside the medical community.

I hope you’ll join with me as through 5 Second Survival we collaborate with others who have our “Boomers” personal health, wellness and safety as their core mission.

To our continued successful journey together,

Ralph Charlton
CEO, 5 Second Survival