About 5 Second Survival


The High Mountain Group offers innovative yet highly-effective tested & proven solutions to some of the most pressing problems faced by today’s “boomer” generation.

Our focus is primarily in two areas:

  • Security and Self-Protection
  • Health & Wellness

Security and Self-Protection

For more than 15 years HM Group owner, Ralph Charlton, partnered with Target Focus Training (TFT) system creator, Tim Larkin, to turn his system into the most effective Self-Defense/Personal-Protection program available for civilians today. Their efforts the past 10 years were focused on the 55 and older age demographic.

Today Charlton has unrestricted rights to all the products and promotional materials used to sell the system, together with his own copy of the 92,000-name TFT buyers list. And he owns one of the major URLs used to sell the TFT system, 5SecondSurvival.com.

Examples of these materials include:

Most of the sales of these products result from extensive email promotions Charlton created sending buyers to sales letter pages like these:

Also included will be email promotions Charlton wrote for other Joint Venture affiliate partners in the Security and Self-Protection industry including:

  • A tactical pen ($250k sales)
  • 25-year survival food (several $100k+ promotions)
  • A series of tactical flashlights
  • Front Sight Firearms training (more than $1M in gross sales)
  • The US Concealed Carry Association (again, more than $1M gross)
  • Mike Ox’s Dry Fire and related firearms training

Health & Wellness

During the past 15 years a constant request from TFT buyers was for help in the areas of Health & Wellness. What did Tim and Ralph personally do that enabled them to run a major business while handling life in general — and specifically, what and who do they recommend?

Fulfilling this need will be a major focus for Charlton via The High Mountain Group.

Much of it will be through affiliate promotions, some of which he’s written and used previously with great success. Examples:

  • Z-Health: Eye & Balance plus Mobility training through neurological re-training:   http://zhealtheducation.com/
  • Charles Staley: Renowned Olympic strength coach, fitness guru & teacher.
    • Note: Charles will run his writing and coaching exclusively through The High Mountain Group entity starting this quarter. His focus on helping the 55 and older demographic become stronger as they age, dovetails perfectly with The High Mountain Group mission. His general website:  http://staleystrategies.com/
  • And many others.

Health & Wellness Supplements

Finally, we get asked daily to explain the supplements and other products we personally use and recommend. Charlton will begin answering this question through The High Mountain Group entity.

He has access to many doctor-created, custom formulations that are not well known outside the medical community. Because of the timing with the 2018 flu season, the vitamin C product at the link below will likely be the first offered.

(Note: Charlton will totally rewrite the copy for this product as it was written by a doctor for other doctors to sell the product. It doesn’t even mention that this product contains a revolutionary new delivery system that allows an ordinary person to gain the medically-proven advantages of ingesting large amount of Vitamin C (it’s like getting an IV in a doctor’s office) without diarrhea or stomach distress. (Scroll down the page at the link below to read what the doctor wrote.)

And last, because our “boomer” demographic responds much better when “reading” printed material vs viewing online, much of the new promotion for the Health & Wellness area will be offline, using physical mailings to customer homes, and through magazine/newspaper ads.