Can you believe this?!

I've Been BANNED
From the UK!

The British government won't let me teach their citizens how to protect themselves. So I'm giving away these training videos for FREE!

Why is an entire country afraid to let me teach these techniques?

Tim Larkin - Founder of Target Focus TrainingMy name is Tim Larkin and my mission is to save lives.

The TRUTH is… sometimes to protect you and your loved ones, violence is the only answer.

And who has time to spend months or years training – what if you were attacked next week?

That’s why Target Focus Training teaches techniques ANYONE can use – starting tomorrow.

Is TFT “Too violent”?

Don’t let some government decide for you.

Let me share 43 minutes of training videos with you absolutely free… so you can make your own mind.

I’ve included videos clips on…

  • Introduction to Target Focus Training,
  • Understanding Violence
  • Fighting with a Knife (understanding the real threat)
  • Firearms
  • Targeting the eyes
  • Points of injury
  • And detailed video instruction of two TFT self-protection techniques
To watch these TFT videos immediately…

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3. CLICK the big orange “Show Me The Video” button.

You’ll be asked to confirm your email, and then you will then have instant lifetime access to 43 minutes of video showing my Target Focus Training program in action.

I will also be sharing some more videos with you over the next few days and weeks.

No credit card required, there is no further obligation.

If your life is on the line, is this the training you’d want to have?

Find out for yourself. Register now for free and start watching.

– Tim Larkin