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"With Obama Clamoring For Gun Control - YOU Must Be The One to Take Control..."
- Glenn Beck

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3 Keys To Surviving A Violent Attack
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It was New Year’s Eve.

Eighteen-year-old Sarah McKinley’s husband had died on Christmas Day from lung cancer.

At just 18 years old, Sarah was a widow left alone to take care of her 3-month old son.

It had only been 6 days since her husband’s death, and she was still reeling from her loss.

Little did she know it was about to get worse before it got better...

As she was sitting at home with her son, two strung-out thugs tried to enter her home. When she realized they were trying to break in, she grabbed her husband’s guns and her baby boy and barricaded herself in the room.

She called 911.

While she was still on the phone, the two men succeeded in breaking down the front door and entered McKinley’s home.

Ultimately, she stayed on the phone for 21 minutes while the intruders tried to beat down the bedroom door she had barricaded. When the first intruder finally broke through the door wielding a knife, she shot him with a shotgun, killing him instantly.

The other intruder fled the scene and later turned himself in.

They wanted to steal the prescription drugs McKinley’s husband had left behind.

Why do I tell you this story? It’s simple.

This was clearly an urgent life-or-death situation... and yet the police could not even respond in 21 minutes. Unfortunately, this is the kind of “protection” that is becoming more common all across the U.S.

If you want to keep yourself and your family safe from harm, you cannot depend on the police because they may not respond in time.

The fact is violence is on the rise and it’s up to YOU to protect yourself and your family.

  • In the USA a violent crime is committed every 7 seconds
  • Rising unemployment and financial crisis could trigger widespread rioting – just as it has in Greece and other countries
  • Bleeding heart liberals have passed laws that protect the rights of terrorists and illegal alien gangs - while punishing us for defending our homes and families
  • Even packing a gun is no guarantee of safety. (Data from hundreds of shooting incidents shows that unless you’re an elite soldier, your chances of taking down a criminal with your gun when adrenalin rushes through your body is less than 4%)

And what if you don’t have your gun with you? Or you’re not home to protect your family when danger shows up?

A lot of Americans fear for their safety walking down the street, commuting to work, even in their own homes,

So what’s the answer?

Tim Larkin - Founder of Target Focus TrainingMy name is Tim Larkin.

Glenn asked me to share with you some of the same self defense information organizations like the US Border Patrol, Navy SEAL's and SWAT Law Enforcement teams trust when their lives are on the line.

Now, nobody likes to think about violence or being attacked.

But as they say "Hope is not a strategy".

Sometimes violence is unavoidable. And if you're not prepared for it - it can be devastating. Even fatal.

Many people feel helpless - like they have no chance to survive or defeat a bigger, stronger, criminal.

Or they want to be able to defend themselves - but who has time to spend months or years training?

What if you were attacked next week?

That's why my system -  Target Focus Training - gives ANYONE the skills to survive violence in a few hours of training.

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So if you've ever wondered if you have what it takes to survive and defeat a criminal attacker - the answer is YES.

But the skills you need are not what you may think.

Defeating a violent attacker has nothing to do with strength or "fighting" skills.

This is the information nobody else will give you. Many schools of martial arts or self defense expect you to spend weeks or months training and developing techniques.

You may not have that kind of time.

And because violence is random, training specific techniques is a complete waste of your time. Only TFT’s “Free Practice” approach gives you the edge against a criminal predator.

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I want to spread this message to everyone who wants to have the confidence and skills to handle any situation.

Take control and empower yourself.

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- Tim Larkin