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  1. David Nasman

    My understanding: Do not use a screwdriver or a saw to pound a nail. Do not use boxing gloves in a fire fight. Violence is the effective response to asocial reality, the map that accurately depicts the territory.

  2. John Luongo

    It’s the law of the jungle.

  3. Richard Deaton

    Very good information in that it explains that you have to take command of the situation.

  4. Rick Brown

    Just keeping it simple. Brilliant!!!

  5. Benjamin

    Thank you for teaching me the difference of social and asocial violence. And helping me understand that I am not the bad guy because I use what is necessary to stay alive .Thank you for these videos.

  6. Mr. Raymond M Jarrad Jr

    This method gives me the skills to face the explosive violence of an attack. Sweet.

  7. Charles Dotson

    Explaination simple and to the point, sparks interest in further instruction.

  8. Larry Collins

    I am a male 69 years old with ten years of law enforcement background when I was younger. Retired now and try to stay in good shape for my age I work at outside jobs to keep my body as fit as possible. I do know that from 40 to 69 I have had two things happen I lost about 30-35 pounds good for my health but not good as I lost some of my strength along with the weight loss. I have a mind set that if I were attack or my wife was that my goal would be to leave the person dead if possible. So this course even on tape will help me to see more that might help me to live if ever in that situation. I also know if you can back off out of a situation that is better but there may be times this is not possible if that happens I intend on walking away not the attacker. Interesting to a point I may try to take your on hands course if possible and maybe my wife also. This needs to be taught to many older people. We are lucky that both of us have worked all our life and are in good shape for our ages but many are not so they need this course badly. My mind set is fine about doing harm to someone who is trying to do harm to me. Thanks for your presentations.

  9. Precious

    And here I thought I just needed a weapon, Im not sure I ever would of thought about it like this.

  10. Eric Joseph

    Concise, and well-said.

  11. John

    Watching these video prove to me that a 67 year man can be effective using the same method as the bad guys do. And the thug are not worrying about ruse just taking you down!
    Thank you for these tools
    John H

  12. Tim Hundley

    I am coming to understand that key to intagrating this trianing I must be able to shut off my social training that violence is bad and to be avoided at all cost. I must be willing to meet violence with violence. Understand that this is NOT a game. It is not “fun” it is kill or be killed in the most real sence.

  13. Tony

    Awesome!! You have isolated the basic principal of being to survive any situation with a criminal or thug.

    As I listen to you and absorb what you are saying I can notice my viewpoint shifting and the “blinders” coming off.

    Not knowing this information is absolutely deadly and fatal, but knowing it guarantees success and survival in any ugly situation.

    Thank you! Tony

  14. Robertjferrara

    the mind set is life or death just plain and simple


    Thanks for all the information again, and many blessings and more power to you guys..


    Im ready!


    It is easy to follow where this is headed. I can use my cane as a weapon of opportunity and not be concerned about the damage it does.

  18. John

    Formerly served with the old 77th SF group during the 50s, then 5th SF Group in Viet Nam (before we were ‘officially’ engaging the enemy),during the 60s. Studied and practiced Kung Fu and Okinawate. But now I’m pushing hard on year 76 and realize that I no longer have the speed or power I once had. I’m convinced that full instant deciivenes and commitment to ruthlessness and deadly violence may now be my only escape from a determined sociopath (they like to target seniors, thinking that grey haired old men and ladies pose less risk to themselves). Unfortunately I am limited to a fixed income of $916 per month, so, I cannot pay for your course.

    I got lucky and received a goft of Front Sight’s defensive pistol course, but We can’t always have the advantage of a concealed weapon, especially on the Left Coast.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll try to get as much as possible from the free material that you have provided on this site. Many thanks.

  19. Susanna Fisher

    Thank you so very much for all this information. I have never been a fighter but there have been times where I was in danger and wished I had this knowledge. I am a 53 year old disabled veteran due to brutalization while in the military and have survived molestation, rapes, beatings and had been bullied in school. This program, in my opinion, should be taught to everyone young and old for the sake of their own safety and lives. I lost my best friend to violence and my own daughter has been victimized herself several times. I am going to share this information with my daughter as I fear for her safety. We have enrolled my 3 yr old grandson in the American Martial Arts Academy so he may know how to defend himself in the event he needs to use force to save his life or the life of another. Thank you so much again Tim for offering this lifesaving offer. Many blessings to you and your family. Susanna


    Thank You!
    I’ve downloaded books and videos onto my laptop.
    I tend to work ‘remote’ worksites in Alaska, no communication (phone or Internet service)
    I have been in uncomfortable situations (not the Bear or Moose either), I will be reviewing these often and hope to finish your two books soon as we’ll.
    A Very Impressive Program.

  21. Wendy

    Beginning with your ‘Introduction…’
    Sounds Real Effective and Impressive.
    Former Marine ‘Vietnam era’, I’m believing this will be Just what I’m needing right now.
    I’m Another Glenn Beck subscriber from Alaska.
    Your ‘Presence’ is Right On and Refreshing Tim.

  22. David Haverfield

    I’m delighted to hear that all of us are revolted against violence but understand that it is knowledge that could save lives. Dated a girl in high school who’s mother was murdered by a serial killer. Had her mother had this kind of knowledge, she may still be alive today.

  23. Harold Beers

    looks very good so far

  24. Nelson litou

    understanding what protecting yourself from attack is all about . simple moves can turn your
    attack back on your opponent quickly and with little moves, subdue any the way
    simple moves are presented.

  25. James Long

    It goes against my moral code but it makes perfect sense as their violenc goes against my moral code and my survival.

  26. Jason

    “Why wouldn’t I just run instead of continuing to fight, after the perpetrator is rendered helpless?”
    That’s obviously what should be done. But you better make damn sure the attacker is in an unconscious state before you run, else he could catch you. People on drugs can easily take punishment and keep coming at you.

  27. Ms Mike

    Unable to hear what was said. Had sound on my syst. up as far as it would go as well as on your system. I will try to watch it later. Have already notified my grandchildren to watch you program. They are both small, but very agile (dancers) but know nothing about defense. Great program so far.
    Ms M


    a tough concept to grasp but makes sense.


    Why wouldn’t I just run instead of continuing to fight, after the perpetrator is rendered helpless?