Afghanistan Badlands - 2007 - Night

The Australian Commando and his squad quietly enter the compound where Taliban leadership is rumored to be holed up.

Armed to the teeth, these special-forces commandos are “clearing” a series of dark recesses in a wall when the enemy attacks.

In an instant the situation degrades to intensely-brutal, eyeball-to-eyeball combat where losing... means... death.

Despite all the weapons there is no gunfire... because there's no room for them to be drawn.

The commander is forced to use his instincts alone to choke a Taliban leader to death (later learned to be the 2nd in command) in order just to survive.

And it's in that moment he realizes his extensive close-combat firearms training has NEVER prepared him for this situation – the inability to use his primary weapon.

He vows to do something about it and the unique form of extreme close-combat fighting he develops today has the spec-ops community buzzing and standing in line to learn his system.

And because of this, for the first time in more than 20 years of teaching personal protection at the highest, most-lethal levels... I’m recommending YOU get another instructor’s extreme-protection combative system.

Read on and I’ll explain why...

From: Tim Larkin
Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuesday, 1:34PM

I’ve never done it before.

And frankly, after more than 20 years teaching personal protection at levels from everyday civilians to the utmost covert extreme groups... I truly never expected I would.

But for the first time... I’m recommending you incorporate another self-protection system into your TFT and firearms training.

This didn’t just happen yesterday.

The connection began several years ago when I met ‘Taff’ Davies, a member of the Australian SAS.

If you haven’t heard of the SAS, it’s the Australian equivalent of our American ‘Tier One’ units, like DELTA and Seal Team Six.

In other words, these are the “elite-of-the-elite,” the finest of the Australian Special Operations forces.

These guys have played major roles in Afghanistan and Iraq against al Qaeda and the Taliban.

And it was over there that one member of another elite Aussie Special forces unit, 2 Commando, got caught in the deadly hand-to-hand combat in Afghanistan your read about above.

Why this was such a big deal

You might wonder why engaging an enemy like this was such a big thing. After all, they’re the best of the best; they’re trained for this, right?

Well, yes... and no.

See like most spec op units, these guys are loaded for bear. Often carrying the latest weapons including every type of fire power you can imagine.

In fact, the 2 Commando unit was actually hyper-trained in the use of firearms in extremely close-quarter fighting. They knew everything about actually firing weapons in extreme close quarters.

It’s just that NO ONE had ever thought about what to expect in that eyeball-to-eyeball ultra-extreme world of combat where all you really have is... YOU!

Your own body weapons.

Now, let me interject something we talk about in our own TFT training:  if you haven’t trained to use your own body as your primary weapon, and suddenly inside the chaos of violence that’s ALL you’ve got, you immediately revert to whatever you did the last time you were in a fight.

(Imagine what that is if your last fight was as a 13-year-old kid. Or worse, you’ve never hit anyone in your life!)

Fortunately for this commander, his survival instincts and prior training pulled him through. Others in his unit weren’t so fortunate.

He was so shaken by what happened, he vowed on his return to Australia to personally change the glaring error in their training regime.

And he did. But it didn’t stop there because... the time he finished he’d almost single-handedly reconfiguring the entire close-quarter fighting (CQF) program the Australian Special Forces employed at that time, creating a new system now called International Combative Concepts, ICC℠ (no one loves acronyms like the military).

(In a nutshell, ICC is an integrated approach to personal combat that fully utilizes every weapon system a spec operator has but especially allows him to maintain – or regain – access to his most important weapon system – usually his firearm!)

While this man remained nameless (for obvious security reasons), the similarity to what I had personally worked on years ago at Naval Special Warfare Command ended up keeping me in near-constant contact with Taff Davies.

(Remember, that while assigned to the Admiral in charge of all US Navy SEAL teams, I worked on the team that upgraded their hand-to-hand fighting program – the origin of TFT.)

What was so intriguing about what these Australians were doing was the fact...

Almost EVERYTHING About The System They Had Created
Parallels Our Own TFT Training...
To An Amazing Degree!

The principles, methodology and approach are so similar you’d have thought we developed them together.

Yet each was created half a world away from the other.

For sure, ICC’s focus and primary tool is the firearm and its use. Face it, “gun-free” zones aren’t an issue where most of their training and action takes place.

But their tightly integrated training of hand-to-hand principles to augment the firearms training closely follows TFT guidelines.

For us at TFT, our focus is the reverse – hand-to-hand first, with everything else just a tool to make your job easier, if available.

His name is finally revealed

As Taff and I continued discussions on ways he and TFT might work together, the identity of the man who had recreated the CQF finally was publicly identified.

His name is Paul Cale; most know him as “JJ.”

For months after stories of him strangling the Taliban leader spread, many people were actually appalled by what he’d done. (This gives you insight into why his original training NEVER went so far as to incorporate “killing with your hands”... even if it meant saving your life.)

As that settled, something interesting began happening.

As you might imagine, in remote locations like Afghanistan elite Spec Op forces from different countries often fight side-by-side. This means they frequently train together as well.

And it’s this close contact that enabled the rest of the Spec Op worlds finest to discover the unique program that Paul Cale had single-handedly masterminded.

Word travelled quickly and it wasn’t long before US military brass knew of it as well.

Long story short, the US Army brought JJ and a handful of his SAS/2 Commando colleagues to personally train the Army Ranger’s and their elite Green Berets in the new International Combative Concepts (ICC) system.

(The line waiting for these guys’ time & training expertise stretches down-the-street, around-the-block and far out of sight).

A TFT exclusive...

But let me cut straight to the chase because here’s the really big thing for us...

...Because of my connection with Taff, while the SAS/2 Commando group was here in the US training the Green Berets, they agreed to teach a special, private class for TFT members ONLY!

This exclusive, 1-time course had never been offered
anywhere in the world before now.

It was the first time JJ, Taff and his associates had modified their extreme military ICC program to be equally effective in a civilian setting.

Initially the idea was simply to see how well the classes came across to civilians. Because until now, no one outside the spec op world had ever even seen this material. So we had no real way to judge the reaction to it.

At this point there wasn’t even a thought of videotaping other than to collect some footage for these guys to take back to Australia as a learning tool for future classes.

Our classes were scheduled for back-to-back weekends. Unfortunately JJ arrived from Australia in severe pain because of a right shoulder injury (During breaks, you could find him sitting in the dark up front meditating his way though massive pain).

Despite JJ's pain, the obvious jet lag, the fact practice guns weren’t introduced as early as desired, that control of participants often felt a bit chaotic during practice periods, and a host of other issues you’d expect when something is taught for the very first time...

Everyone in attendance was blown away by a flood of insights they'd never seen or heard talked about before.

After spending the following week revising and revamping, we decided - as rough as it was - to film the entire 2nd class.

The content was simply THAT GOOD!

And with practice firearms tossed into the mix right from the beginning together with a host of feedback enhancements, the following weekend...

An Unexpected New DVD Series...
Extreme Close Combat Shooting
Became Reality.

Extreme Close Combat ShootingOriginally planned for just 3 or at most, 4 hours, it quickly morphed into nearly 8 hours. (Even an extended attempt to cut it back always ended with someone saying, “But you can’t cut that.”)

When editing finished we ended with 6 base DVDs + 1 Bonus DVD and 1 online bonus video encompassing nearly 7½ hours of pure content.

And now you can be
one of the first to own
this new program.

I’ll describe how you can obtain one of these restricted sets in just a moment.

But first let me offer you a few more insights into what you can expect to find on these DVDs...

  • Foremost are the almost countless, immediately-useable concepts, ideas and insights you can immediately add to your self-protection toolbox. These literally pop off your screen beginning with DVD 1... and never stop coming. It’s like a new tip arrives every minute!
  • And you’ll be amazed to see how almost everything aligns perfectly with TFT principles. Everything you’ve learned from a TFT course meshes with this new material perfectly. Even though I knew what they generally would talk about, even I'm right there the entire time absorbing one new concept after another.
  • Something technical: this was the first time we'd decided to use a Go-Pro camera to record any of our video series. This camera allows you to literally SEE through the eyes of the person as they practice. Movement and sequences dramatically come alive as you’re right there DOING it yourself. For sure, there are some rough moments as by definition these cameras are moving around a lot... but in situations like following the Active Shooter sequence, it turned out to be the only way to capture the video.
  • But it was the REALLY BIG takeaway moments that left everyone (me included) asking the person near you, "Did you hear what he just said?" Let me give you one example:

Let’s say you’ve drawn your firearm and are ready to use it.

Click. Click.

It's jammed (this happens way more than people want to believe).

What's the first thing you see people do?

Yup, try to clear the jam. I've shown video clips of people fighting for their lives over a jammed gun!

JJ shocked everyone with his response. Clear a jam in close quarters on the battlefield... and you likely die. (Do this on the street, and the outcome is likely the same).

His explanation of what to do needs to be seen (and you'll watch the entire class practicing this).

The brutal yet life-saving move has come to be known in the military as the Australian Rack (and no, it's not something you'll find on Amazon).

Here are two sample video clips
from the program

You'll immediately see that these guys know what they're talking about and are not messing around (which is exactly what you want when learning to survive life-or-death violence).

Video Clip One: Your REAL Primary Weapon

Video Clip Two: Direct Knife Attack vs "Fancy" Knife Fighting


There's lots more. So let's jump right into what you can expect to find when you drop these DVDs into your video player...

Here’s What You'll Find On The
7Individual DVDs Included With This
Extreme Close Combat Shooting Program

DVD #1: Introduction & Targeting (TFT)

DVD 1On DVD 1 we introduce you to JJ and Taff, explain a bit about how this all came about, then dive into what you’re going to see.

Because this course integrates hand-to-hand with weapons training, we begin with an introduction to TFT principles of causing injury using only your body.

Then JJ takes over -taking you deep into the true source of fear, and the mindset that warriors utilize to nullify it in life-or-death combat scenarios.

At the highest levels, professional soldiers use fear to their advantage by transferring it to their enemies. Surprising to many, JJ shows why everyone can follow this model achieve true freedom and peace of mind.

Here are more specifics of what you’ll find on DVD 1:

  • BS detector alert: why scenario based training does not work in the streets for civilians (and why martial arts training can get you hurt, maimed, or killed against a violent aggressor)
  • Creating your Personalized Kinetic Trigger (the MOST valuable skill set you need to develop to defend yourself when attacked)
  • Instant mastery of the 3 strike tornado that quickly cripples the biggest and best of adversaries
  • WARNING: If the thought of crushing the cartilage and swelling their windpipe sounds scary to you… this may not be for you (but, if you and your family's safety is more important than your squeamishness, then this series is EXACTLY what you need!)
  • Building your own massive chaos movement that traumatizes the most violent of offenders and puts YOU in control of the situation quickly.
  • 2 simple moves that are guaranteed to make them puke every time (and a puking perp is a non-dangerous perp)
  • Get your Rapid PHD in the physics, physiology, and movements that create massive internal trauma to your adversary
  • The amazing 1" target that ends the battle every single time
  • 3 startling things that are far more effective than speed (and why speed often works against you)
  • Thinking like a criminal so you can beat them at their own game (faster than they can beat you)
  • Evil ends here.  How to forever stop fearing evil (it’s everywhere…but you can’t let your fear run your life.  End it NOW with this technique)
  • Why Alpha males often end up deader than a doornail
  • Locking in your 3’ radius: owning it…and breaking anything (and anyone) that enters it
  • When you can’t shut off the fear, here’s how to turn fear into an asset that your adversary never saw coming
  • Ego killers 101. Ego gets you killed. A subdued ego can help you kill those trying to hurt YOU
  • Trained in martial arts? Sorry to hear that!  Most standard martial arts training WILL FAIL YOU… unless you leverage the most brutal of training with these attack trends that are out there right now
  • Brutal truths on why close contact combat is the most common (and worst) place to be caught in
  • How your kinetic trigger helps you make ANYTHING a weapon when you need it
  • and much more...

DVD #2: ICC Principles

DVD 2Next is a powerhouse DVD that sets the stage for everything that follows as both JJ and Taff take you through all 5 of the critical principles that ICC is founded upon.

You’ll learn why, armed or not, it’s a critical mistake to view you and your weapon as separate entities. And instead, understand the functional relationship between tools, aggression, and weapons systems.

In a stark, compellingly authentic discourse, JJ conveys what it’s like to be a “hunter of men,” and how you can benefit from adopting a warriors mindset in the presence of a violent attack.

Can you walk and fire rounds at the same time? With accuracy? Probably not by a warrior’s standards.

In this DVD JJ and Taff take the class through time-tested drills designed to perfect this critical skill.

Finally, they begin to bridge the gap between theory and application. First up, the “Kinetic Phase” concept, which calls into question the traditional martial arts technique of generating power from the hips.

And there’s lots more including things like:

  • Most violent offenders have no real clue on how to use guns (and why this works to your advantage with this Close Combat Shooting training)
  • Gun Dogs: who they are and why they’re your friend (not foe)
  • From hand-to-hand combat with highly trained killers in Afghanistan to domestic protection and bodyguard work (your trainers in this program don’t talk from theory, they have killed to protect – the kind of trainers you WANT).
  • 5 Principles of Close Combat Work (if something isn’t working, it’s 2 of these 5 you are messing up)
  • Principle #1 (of the 5 ICCC Principles) is of critical importance, yet 99% of the general population SUCKS at it!
  • Mastering the Mental Mindset of a Violent Attacker. Here’s what separates those who end up hurt, or dead, from those whose family and friends remain safe and sound.
  • Guns, pens, and water bottles.  Which ones are weapons at the ready, and what to think about every single object you see in front of you right now (quick – look around – how many weapons do you see in front of you? I’ll bet there’s dozens of them – and we’ll show YOU how to see them too).
  • Why YOU are the weapon of choice when facing an armed attacker.
  • No gun? No problem! What to do and how to think when a gun is pointed at you, and you have no weapons at your side.
  • ONE THING your parents did to you as a youngster that GUARANTEES you won’t abuse the knowledge in these DVDs.
  • Victimless Violence Mindset: How to mentally prepare yourself to take control in a violent confrontation.
  • Twisting around the victim mentality so you can maximize your speed and ability to control violent situations.
  • The professional predator mindset.  Why predators win, and how you can master their mindset to battle with the best of them.
  • Eliminating thought delay forever (or die an early and brutal death).
  • Close quarter battle posturing that instantly changes your mindset and makes YOU the one to be feared in an altercation.
  • The simple 4” secret move that instantly prepares you to dominate a confrontation.
  • Body blind spots: making them your friend and greatest ally when attacked.
  • Straight line knife jabs that kill, dominate and put an end to danger.
  • Injured? How to FORCE yourself to be a weapon when injury is unavoidable.
  • How to break your opponents balance, and twist them in ways that disable the most determined of aggressors.
  • How to turn and aggressor around and mentally make them take the defensive (hence putting YOU in charge of the situation instantly).
  • Discovering the beauty of angles in a violent confrontation.
  • Shell-shocked and dumbfounded… the simple 2 step move that forces the aggressor to mentally submit to you and puts you in full control of the situation.
  • Looking beyond the face and seeing what/who and how dangerous of a person you are dealing with.
  • Why another person’s anger is a sign of fear – NOT aggression.  How to turn around the most hopeless of situations with this knowledge.
  • Gun preparation.  The street-smart pros and cons of having a round in the chamber at all times.
  • Predator positioning. What it is and how to wire it into your brain, permanently.
  • How the heel of your foot can instantly improve the accuracy of your shooting.
  • Eliminating bad habits with gun handling that get you killed.
  • 2 words that can lock you in predator mode and proper positioning for hand to hand combat.
  • Let the bullets do the walking.  How to properly approach your aggressor with gun in hand and bullets blazing (do this wrong and YOU will be the one dead – not them).
  • How to consciously switch from social to lethal mode in the blink of an eye.
  • Why your hips are NOT your friends (and what to do to lock them in the right position, for the right end result).
  • Leveraging speed variation to eliminate their ability to judge your distance while they’re shooting.
  • Extending yourself to your full firing range with 2 simple steps.
  • The machine gun theory of battle preparedness and shooting accuracy.
  • ICC Principle #4 shows you the most powerful secret to being prepared no matter where you are, and what your surroundings are. (it’s rather simple, but something no one does)
  • Fists of fury.  Why punching them can get you killed (with the exception of a single punch that always disables them).
  • Using their skin as one of your greatest weapons.
  • Head butting 101.  Why North Americans are so oblivious to the blinding power of a simple head butt.
  • Your personal battle space.  Where it is, how to scope it, and how to arm yourself with all the bountiful tools any battle space can give you.
  • Discover this one simple tool that blinds them and hurts them simultaneously (not mace or spray – those can work against you – we show you a live example of why sprays can do you more harm than good).
  • 2 easy things you can do with a basic pen that hurts them, AND buys you more time to hurt them AGAIN.
  • Water bottle weaponry.  Discover the simple mindset of finding weapons in the most unusual of places.
  • The glance technique that instantly arms you when you are stuck without a weapon.
  • How to leverage the battlespace mindset to prepare yourself for battle, and give yourself the tools you need to win the war.
  • ICC Principle #5 shows you the most target rich and vulnerable part of the body (and how to control and dominate it with 2 simple moves)
  • 2 attackers? How to use attacker #1 to injure attacker #2 seamlessly.
  • Swarming protection tactics from battle tested scenarios.
  • One way to end a confrontation that most forget… most critical when you are in control of a situation.
  • If they won’t or don’t submit to you… then you need to know the 2 things they have on you
  • Police Pinned Down… you have one big advantage over the police in a violent attack… DVD2 shows you what it is and how to use it as your killer advantage.

DVD #3: Draw sequence
& Extreme Close Shooting

DVD 3On DVD3 these guys show that when your life is on the line, it’s time to hit the “Kinetic Trigger.

Here JJ and Taff explain what it is, why it works, and when to deploy it.

Then you’ll dive deep into the intricacies of the draw sequence. There are four stages, but they must be performed in the correct sequence. You’ll understand it the way only someone who’s spent time on the battlefield can convey it.

In the final segment, you’ll learn the subtle yet critical differences between primary and secondary weapons. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the entire training, this completely disrupted everyone’s beliefs on exactly what ‘primary’ weapon actually means. Get this distinction wrong, and you die in battle.

And I’m sure you’ve already guessed, it’s NO different whatsoever on the street. THIS one segment is worth the entire price of the DVD set.

But there’s lots more including:

  • Frozen without options? Switch this on before making ANY move.
  • Pain Points 101: Focus in on these 2 areas when in hand-to-hand combat (or when in a close combat shooting situation) to end it quickly
  • Shitty shot? Here’s why you constantly shoot to the inside of your target (and the simple hand position adjustment that quickly makes you an accurate shooter)
  • Dramatically slash your time to fire your weapon with this quick and easy draw technique.
  • BIG MISTAKE: when practicing close combat shooting with a partner, NEVER do this one thing or you WILL end up dead in a real life situation (DVD3 locks this lesson in and you’ll never forget it)
  • Paper pansies. Why target shooting at the range on paper targets can work against you.
  • How to avoid your opponent grabbing your weapon and using it against you.
  • Rapid-fire drills for kinetic trigger mastery.
  • FREE Combat Lesson: You respond how you train (and when you train wrong, you’ll end up as a corpse)
  • Permanently WIRING the predator mindset into your brain (miss this and you are at a serious disadvantage in any altercation).
  • Extreme close shooting: what to use when you have no time to draw your weapon.
  • How the evolution theory works in your favor for mental preparedness.
  • The little-known secret of close combat second hand control (how to raise your second, non-weapon, hand – how to use it as a simultaneous weapon – and why it’s extremely effective in dangerous situations)
  • To follow or not to follow an opponent that you’ve knocked off balance?
  • Worst case scenario: what to do when no bullets him them, they’re now pissed off, and you need to gain rapid control of the situation.
  • "Second weapon" secrets of Special Forces Trained Killers.
  • Firearms… friend or foe?  Situations where firearms become your worst enemy.
  • And much more...

DVD #4: Examples of Violence (TFT)
PLUS Weapon Failure


I return on DVD4 to take the class through a new set of videos that help everyone  understand exactly what you’re up against on the street today.

As you can imagine, all these videos have a firearm focus (both from a standpoint of using the tool as well as having it used against you).

Included are sequences that drive home the dramatic differences between pain and injury, as well as a detailed look at the famous Tueller Drill, including an actual interview with the man it’s named after (and why he feels everyone has totally misunderstood his results all these many years).

Finally, JJ returns to discuss the ramifications of what everyone tried to ignore... weapon failure! When you’re counting on a weapon to save your life... and it fails... the next actions you take often mean life or death. The entire class was startled to learn the solution that saved many lives (the Australian Rack – and no, it’s not the stuff on Amazon).

Here are more details of what you’ll find on DVD 4:

  • 21 foot rule… myth or magic?
  • The Tueller Drill: you have 1.5 seconds from aggressor to death.  How to control it and escape it.
  • Quick… cover, angles, or obstacles. Which works best to slow down both single and multiple attackers?
  • Why you NEVER want to rely on inflicting pain (and how it can get you killed if you do)
  • How to maintain an asocial stance without the ‘angry face’ (and why this is a must-master)
  • Real life killings review: what went wrong and how it could have been avoided (includes video analysis of both good guy AND bad guys getting killed)
  • Advanced Avoidance: If you can avoid this, then do… but if you can’t avoid it, then rapidly do this _______
  • Step one for disarming a drugged out dangerous attacker
  • Stoppage drills and what to do when your weapon won’t fire.
  • The Australian Rack Mastery.  DVD4 shows you what this is, how to become a pro at it, and why it’s your best friend if your firearm ever fails you (there’s only 6 special forces in the world who know this technique and know how to use it effectively… your turn is next!)
  • And much, much more...

DVD #5: Extreme Close Shooting-Variable Angles/Disarms


DVD5 digs much deeper in concepts of ultra-close shooting by tackling subjects like deflecting a gun right in your face and advanced scenarios including the ability to respond to multiple threats.

There’s a detailed discussion about how we tend to make assumptions about our attacker (and his weapon), and how these assumptions can and will get you killed if you respond inappropriately. This discussion in particular smacks of battlefield experience, and it’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you, as it did everyone in class.

And you’ll discover the “Four Levels Of Learning” as they apply to self-protection skills (this is really a process that can be applied to learning any skill but applies especially well to self protection since your responses must be automatic, they’ll be there for you, even if you’re in a cold panic).

As before, there’s a lot more information packed on this DVD including:

  • Eliminating blind spots in confrontations.  Which ones are guaranteed to wipe out the biggest blind spots, and the simple foot movements that make this a breeze.
  • Speed stances that improve your stability and mobility (miss one and you are left vulnerable and destined to lose the battle)
  • Your psychic shield. From sideways pushes to rear pushes… how to handle yourself and what steps to take when you’re forced to the ground with a heavy push (it can happen to the best of us when off balance… the key is in your recovery)
  • The near-magical electric eye trick that eliminates overwhelm in crowds or when being swarmed.
  • Close combat techniques that help position your pistol for readiness (and how to clear them when they’re too close to defend yourself effectively)
  • How to end injury in practice and what to remove so you and your partner don’t end up hurt or crippled preparing for battle.
  • Gun pointed right at you? Discover whether action or reaction is more effective to turn the tables (and the 2 step sequence that quickly ends the problem)
  • The hidden nose technique for disarming someone who has a firearm pointed right at you.
  • 3-step target strikes for disarming a potentially deadly aggressor.
  • Ground strategies that show you what to do and check when you’ve knocked your opponent down and take his weapon (and why missing this one step often causes you to get shot, or killed)
  • How-to scanning techniques for finding other aggressors when you’ve got one attacker down, and are unsure of where the others are (where to stand, how to scan, what to do when multiple attackers are coming towards you with guns a blazing)
  • Multiple attackers, all of them armed, with murder in their eyes… how to instantly tell who to kill first, and how to position yourself as safely as possible
  • Mental blocks that get you killed.  Discover the simple mindset shift around guns and knives that immediately erases any internal fears you have now, or may have in the future.
  • Is there a difference between defending yourself and taking someone out? Here’s a non-legal way of looking at it and preparing yourself for the time when you need to make the choice (if there is a choice)

DVD #6: Q&A, Recovery from being Hit


This DVD wrapped up things with extensive Q&A discussion.

These went all over the place from what justifies the use of lethal force against an attacker (JJ makes no bones about this) to a detailed discussion of why women have a distinct advantage when confronted by a male attacker (something even a smaller guy like Taff can and does take advantage as well).

Besides learning to recover from a devastating hit, you’ll watch as JJ and Taff take the entire class through a drill designed to mimic psychological pressure by bringing their heart rates through the roof. In this way, they learned how to preform under stress, but in complete safety.

Other items that conclude this final DVD include:

  • Vertically challenged? How to combat taller assailants and use their height as one of your, now, multiple advantages.
  • What the saying “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6” means in a real life, close combat situation.
  • 3 things you need to have in place to legally justify deadly force.
  • Hesitation KILLS: rapid learning techniques for hard-wiring the kinetic trigger into your mind, so you can now take lightning fast action no matter what the situation is
  • Elevator Combat Techniques.  What to do and use when stuck in small and confined spaces with no perceived weapons at your side.
  • Compliance vs submission: what’s the difference and the death trap that one of them puts you in.
  • How and why trained martial arts skills repeatedly work against you in violent situations.
  • Slammed! What NEVER to do when you get hit hard and lose your balance (and how to rapidly recover when knocked on your back, including a bonus lesson on how to CRIPPLE your attacker in the process!)
  • Advanced pressure practice 401.  How to put yourself under extreme pressure to rapidly improve your odds of initiating your kinetic trigger instead of panicking (which is what 99% of people do in aggressive situations)

But that’s not all…

To push the value of this Extreme Close Combat Shooting package completely over-the-top, I’m including:

  1. A complimentary bonus DVD, plus
  2. THREE Online Digital Bonus items!

Bonus: Dealing with an Active Shooter

Dealing with an Active ShooterIn today’s world everyone is terrified of encountering an Active Shooter situation. And rightly so.

As you might expect, JJ and Taff have their own solutions for this situation. And on this special Bonus DVD they take you through them in detail. First with a frank discussion of concepts, then a detailed, on-the-floor exercise, followed by an in-depth Q&A.

You’re at work, and suddenly you hear what sound like shots fired in the next room. Do you close the door? Can it be locked? Should it be locked? Where should you position yourself for maximum safety? Should you stay behind the door? Under your desk? Will the wall protect you against gunfire? In this segment, you’ll learn what JJ and Taff call “door appreciation.”

The thoroughness of this discussion and demonstration are eye opening to say the least!

Specific takeaways include:

  • Foe, friends, and family.  Master the 3 Fs that you need to nail down in active shooter scenarios (including the technique that shows you exactly what to do when you know your 3 Fs)
  • Peer Pressure and Guilt will get you gutted and left for dead (here’s what to do and how to think when in uncomfortable situations with friends and family surrounding you in an attack)
  • 3 must-know characteristics of most active-shooters.
  • Visualization and war game techniques to prepare yourself for active shooter scenarios.
  • Tough questions to ask yourself: including how much risk will you consciously take on to save a life
  • Tactical Team Life-savers: 4 things you need to do when the tactical team comes storming in to end active shooter scenarios (missing one of these could get YOU shot)
  • Car jackings and the simple preparations you can take to keep these 100% avoidable.  How to protect yourself, what to do at stop lights, and how to permanently heighten your awareness of your surroundings.
  • Insurmountable stress.  What to do and how to handle it before you end up dead (massive stress and confusion is a violent offenders best weapon – make sure you know how to turn it against them)
  • Discover the one simple move that’ll save your ass when looking around corners.
  • Active shooter visualizations are key.  Discover the simply mind play practice that gives you an immediate advantage if ever stuck in an active shooter situation.
  • Mastering the door defense: where to stand, how to protect yourself from what’s on the other side, and how to end it once and for all (crippling or killing your aggressor in the process)
  • How to check doors without getting killed.
  • Exactly what to do when bullets are being fired – and how to pinpoint where they are coming from so you can prepare yourself for the 3 steps that come next.
  • Discover the pie technique for safe entrance into rooms, hallways, and exits.
  • Dynamic clearing techniques that keep you from getting shot.
  • 2 victims and only one gun.  Here’s the most effective sequence to protect yourselves when an active shooter is outside the room and down the hallway.
  • THE FATAL FUNNEL.  Why it’s a death trap, and the scary truth on why and how most victims enter it (also… why this is the favorite place for active shooters to claim their next victims)
  • Discover the deceptive moves that greatly increase your odds of not getting shot around a corner wall or door way.
  • Ricochets… and how close or far to stand from a wall to avoid them.
  • Husband and wife team strategies.  IDEAL FOR HOME USE! Determining who goes first in your synchronized movements, or when you are best apart, what keywords to use with each other for signaling, and how to handle danger in your home as a couple.
  • One simple thing you must give yourself everywhere you go that instantly doubles or triples your reaction time (think about it – if you do this and can react 2 or 3 times faster… you instantly have an advantage over your aggressors)

Online Bonus #1
Extreme Close Combat
"Executive Briefing"

Bonus DVD Afghanistan AttackBecause so many key points were made across the 6 DVDs we had many requests to summarize these into a single document.

And that’s what we did.

Included is a special “Executive Briefing,” a cheat sheet of sorts, to help you get on top of the most vital concepts and principles of this material quickly and succinctly.

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Bonus DVD Afghanistan Attack

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Online Bonus #3
Video Footage Of An Actual
Live Afghanistan Attack

In this special online Bonus, JJ and Taff give you a rare look inside a Special Forces attack in Afghanistan.  Bonus DVD Afghanistan Attack

Watch real video footage of a live attack. JJ and Taff give you a "play by play" unlike anything you've ever seen. Understand what is going on in their minds, how to deal with real life killers, how they handle massive gun fire, and the total control they show over themselves and the situation.

You’ll also hear JJ talk about:

  • Simple safety moves you MUST start making when at the ATM machine, in a restaurant, in a shopping mall, or just out walking the dog.  Being aware with these easy steps makes a massive difference in how prepared you are and how quickly you can take action, if needed.
  • Slow is smooth – smooth is fast – fast is deadly.  This is the mantra of Special Forces Trained Killers and Protectors.  Discover why such a simple way of thinking is so difficult for the majority to master (and why the masses end up dead in aggressive confrontations)

It’s a ride you won’t ever forget.




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