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Target Focus Training
The Foundation Series 2018
“Unarmed Self-Defense For
Extreme Situations”

live class disc 2

Consisting of 6 DVDs, you’re right there on the mats to watch the detailed training interaction of instructors with the class.

You’ll learn TFT’s proprietary  approach to “Target Assembly” and “Free Practice,” hear live Q&A, see what works & doesn’t, watch instructor correction of participants, and much more. 

Other times, you’re a fly-on-the-wall, listening to “…explanations that would befit a trauma specialist…” as Mark Cheng, Columnist and Contributing Editor for Black Belt Magazine and Director/Sifu for the Chung Hua Institute in Los Angeles noted after attending a live TFT class.

Here’s an expanded description of just some of the tips, tricks, secrets and fight-ending TFT methods you’ll discover in this 6-DVD “Live Class” Series:

The Mechanical Facts Of Violence...

  • Why athletic ability, size, speed and strength is not a necessity to win in a violent encounter. Male or female, you’ll learn how to use space and body weight to tip the playing field with bad guys in YOUR favor.
  • How TFT differs dramatically, (and is actually safer to train), than other systems that employ a “last man standing” training philosophy!  (In fact, safety is a by-product of TFT.)
  • Who the most wildly-effective people are at using the tool of violence!  (They’re not highly-trained martial artists, wrestlers, or boxers.  In fact, most have ZERO training at all.)
  • The secret to breaking down the human body and making it non-functional almost instantly, ending the encounter on YOUR terms.  (This is important because, most violent encounters last only 5 seconds or less.)
  • How TFT mimics beginning firearms training… or… why it’s slow, steady and silent!  (People understand this with firearms, because the consequences are dire. But they tend to throw it out the window and blast full-speed ahead when training without a weapon.  That’s wrong, and you are going to learn why.) 
  • 3 reasons why we go slow—VERY slow—in training!  (And it’s not safety, although TFT is incredible safe to practice.) 

Striking Targets: Your Key To Defeating A Violent Attacker

  • The intent you must have when going after a thug’s eyes.  (Most people get this wrong… and lose a huge advantage, while giving the attacker the upper hand.)
  • Why you should never “aim to miss” while training.  (Of course, you can’t make contact with the eyes. But… you’ll see how to “stay on target” safely.)
  • What you absolutely must do to actually injure the eyes.  (If you get this wrong, it is wasteful and dangerous.  Many people have—as a last resort—tried to incorrectly injure the eyes of their attacker while being strangled and ended up in the morgue.)
  • How to ensure your bodyweight is always fully into any strike!  (By the way, the universe and laws of physics could care less if you’re nearly all muscle or have 40% bodyfat. If you strike right, every ounce of you will go into causing an injury. 

    Plus you'll also learn: two reasons why the best position for attacking the eyes is while your assailant is on the ground; the “holy trinity” of throat strikes.  (WARNING: These can all be lethal.) and why we don’t teach hand strikes… and… what to use instead.  (It’s a superior striking surface and far tougher to take you out of the fight.)

    And you'll discover additional keys that make each of your strikes effective regardless of your age, size or experience... even if you've never been in a fight in your life...
  • Two results you want from a groin strike.  (Almost everyone gets this wrong, because it is not about damaging genitalia.  Gender makes zero difference.)
  • Why you never want to worry about hitting hard… and… what two things you should really be focused on to increase your chances of causing debilitating injury to your attacker.
  • Why—when you are on the ground—you always want to think groin, Groin, GROIN!
  • The four most bullet-proof ways for you to disable his ankle... sending a thug the message he messed with the wrong person today!

Free Practice -- Putting It All Together

  • Why firearms training provides the key to understanding the correct way to implement TFT's revolutionary free practice system.
  • 7 things you already know how to do that will cause debilitating, non-functional injury to a bad guy.
  • How even the smallest 105-pound-woman can wreck a 240-pound-man!  (Believe it or not, it’s true.  And you’ll understand why when you see the video demonstration.)
  • Three things you should focus on that make it most likely you’ll get an injury that will take your attacker OUT of the fight, which… is always your #1 goal.  (Not one of these is any kind of fancy technique.)
  • How to determine when you should turn your back and “get the hell out of there.”  (This is NOT about running away, but about knowing when you’re done and it’s safe to leave.)

Adding More Targets To The Mix...

  • Why you must always create a prior injury before attacking the knee.
  • A simple exercise that automatically sets you up for causing injury to the knee of an assailant.
  • How striking the knee from the back gives you two injuries for one!
  • What you must keep in mind to avoid injury to yourself when training sideways knee strikes.
  • Finally, how to spear the solar plexus with your “skeleton” for maximum injury.  (There’s a simple wall exercise that PROVES that you already know how to do this!)

Fine Tuning Your Free Practice - Part 1

  • How to strike with your full bodyweight and generate 3 1/2 times more force than using your limbs alone. This is the secret to beating bigger, faster and stronger attackers.
  • The problem with training only high-velocity strikes.  (Once you understand this, you’ll understand why we train “silent and slow” to download the moves into muscle memory FAST.)
  • How the Magic Red “X” automatically puts you in the perfect place for delivering maximum power and causing devastating injury with your strikes.  (This is a game changer… and… although it sounds mysterious, it’s actually a simple concept that you’ll master in a few minutes.)
  • A simple metaphor for multiplying your striking power.  (If you keep this in mind, you’ll always deliver more force to your target.)
  • The reason we do NEVER teach you to fight, look for fights or train to fight when preparing to Survive and Thrive in violent encounters.
  • The huge problem with "technique training" which unfortunately… everyone else out there teaches.

    Plus we'll also show you: 4 simple steps to building-a-strike from the ground up for maximum effectiveness; how to injure an attacker by using his own bodyweight against him; and how to lose your fear of weapons — specifically your fear of weapons being used against you.

Fine Tuning Your Free Practice - Part 2

  • The truth about violence in the real world… and… how to be prepared for it at all times… whether on the street, a dark parking lot, or your own home!
  • Four secret steps to getting better, faster at TFT.  (Actually, these secret steps can be applied to speed-learning anything in life.)
  • A simple mental process that will help you avoid dangerous situations.  (This is the first—and most important—thing you should do to avoid violence.)
  • Two universal concepts that explain the phrase “maximize the physics, minimize the physiology.”  (Once you understand these concepts, you’ll have the “golden key” to causing debilitating injury.  This also explains how a small woman can take out a vicious, violent, monster-sized street thug.  Sounds unbelievable but you’ll see why it’s the absolute truth.)
  • Why you never want to think of violence as “fighting”… but rather… a “contest of cruelty.”  (I know this sounds harsh, but the truth isn’t always pretty… and if you don’t play with the same rule book as a criminal, you’re toast.)

    Plus you'll understand: How to always change everything in your favor immediately if you’re in a violent situation.  (This never fails and should always be your #1 objective.); two negative factors of biological fear that cannot be controlled. (You must learn to “work” with these factors instead.); and finally, how to bypass psychological panic to avoid the “freezing response” when confronted by street punks.

Fine Tuning Your Free Practice - Part 3

  • How to judge the correct training speed.  (Trust me, after training thousands upon thousands of students, I guarantee you train too fast.  And that can get you killed in the street.)
  • Why our most experienced guy in using TFT in the real world trains super-slow.  (Unfortunately he’s had to put more people down than anyone I know using my system.  But in fact, he’s the slowest-training instructor we have.)
  • The first thing you always do in TFT that makes it so effective.  (Not only is it the first thing, it’s the only thing.  You just repeat it, if necessary.)
  • What you can personally learn from TFT Master Instructor, Chris Ranck-Buhr’s two near-drowning accidents that can save your life in a violent encounter.
  • The #1 thing people who have been trained in TFT—and had to use it in real life—say happened that allowed them to use it automatically and successfully.
  • Why your goal—psychologically—is to only view acts of violence from the winner’s standpoint… even if he's an asocial, criminal sociopath. (Otherwise your morals will automatically leave you on the loser's side of a life-or-death confrontation.)

What if He's Got a Knife?

  • Why we often refer to weapons as “tools” (regardless of what the weapon actually is or does)… and… how the prior DVDs in this series gave you all the base info you need to work with any weapon!
  • The only 2 ways people really stab each other in real life. Unfortunately most people won't use either facing life-or-death violence... and it could cost you your life. (This comes from FBI data collected on the prison population.)
  • Why “knife defense” doesn’t work in real violence.  (You’ll see a video demonstration that conclusively shows the truth about using traditional knife defense techniques… and… why it NEVER works. Then we demonstrate what does!)
  • Facing violence, the person with the shortest achievable “to-do” list wins... whether he has a weapon or not.  (We show you how to always be that person.)

    PLUS: How much advantage a knife gives you versus bare hands.  (Hint: It’s not as much of a benefit as you think.); and the one and only thing—knife or not—that ends all violent situations and trumps everything else. (You’ve got to get this right, because nothing else matters.).

    Next, we'll cover...

Facing a Firearm... 

  • The #1 mistake almost everyone—trained or not—makes when a gun is involved. (Many policemen make this mistake too…).
  • An additional step you need to add into “gun defense” versus other weapons or hand-to-hand.  (It’s crucial to keep from getting shot… but… don’t worry, it’s extremely simple.)
  • Why you must never focus on—or grab onto—a weapon… any weapon!  (This is even more important when facing a firearm.)

Fearlessly Handling Multi-Attackers 

  • The #1 physical (and also mental) trait you need to develop when facing more than one attacker. (And why you should ALWAYS assume multiple attackers.)
  • The surprising reason on a single attacker takes you out of harm’s way from a secondary attacker.
  • How to simultaneously strike and do a figure-8 scan of the room for other threats.  (Sounds hard, but it’s really an easy, natural movement once we've shown you how. Kind of like having eyes in the back of your head once you know the secret.)
  • Why (and how) you take each attacker out of an attack sequentially, one-at-a-time.
  • The three main “rules” of multi-attacker confrontation that allow you to dominate the situation!
  • Why one Black Belt magazine contributor equated TFT's beginning multi-attacker instruction to a high-level Aikido master’s super-secret technique.  (He'd attended Aikido training and the master’s black belts—some who’d been with him 17 years—said they’d never been taught this technique. The one we teach on day 2.)

Effortlessly Defeating Grabs, Holds & Chokes  

  • How we are all hardwired to grab onto someone that grabs onto us… and… why it’s the absolute wrong thing to do. And what to do instead.
  • How to relax and cause an instant injury to an attacker if they grab you.  (This works from the front or the back… it makes no difference.)
  • A “unique-to-women” consideration or position that allows you to get out of grabs, holds and chokes... regardless of his OR your size or strength. Experience this ONCE and you'll literally not know fear again.

Surviving Violence... During AND After The Confrontation  

  • Three reasons why TFT works for anyone and everyone while other training systems do not.
  • The #1 thing you need to consider after being exposed to the TFT system.  (This is how you stay out of legal “hot water” if you need to use it.)
  • The four criteria the law uses to determine if you acted in self-defense… or not.
  • How your TFT instruction can actually save you from facing serious, permanently life-changing (for the worse) criminal charges. Bad guys should go to jail… NOT YOU!
  • How TFT makes you the ultimate concealed-carry weapon at all times… everywhere you go!

And there's much, much more.

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