"These Two Stories Explain
Why This Is The Only
Self-Protection Program
I've Ever Endorsed... And
Why It Protects
My Family Today."

Dear Friends,

What follows are two true stories… with dramatically different endings.

And why this woman... carrying concealed and in the right to use it... never once considered using her gun.

Here's Story #1... In Brigid's Own Words:

"Last week I went to Lowe's to pick up 2 cabinets for my kitchen. It was early evening about 6 p.m. Still light outside.

I had just put my service dog, "Trouble," who I was training, into her crate and was moving things to fit the cabinets into the SUV.

A man behind me asked "Do you want a hand?" I glanced back and said 'Thanks, but I'm all set.'

Next thing I know I'm being grabbed from around the waist and pulled backwards.

There wasn't time to think, just respond.

I used the forearm strike (described as a sledgehammer) that I learned in class and hit somewhere around his neck. And, without a second thought I stomped on his leg as hard as I could. It crunched.

Not realizing what was happening, another customer asked if he had fallen and needed help?

My ASSAILANT told the man to call the cops. Store management and the police arrived and the man tried to claim I "attacked him!" The security tape showed otherwise and he was charged with assault and attempted kidnapping.

The Sheriff asked for my version of events. When I finished he asked how I had the presence of mind to save myself. I told him I had attended a TFT class and then briefly explained the class.

As you can see, TFT training is for real. You WILL remember what you are taught. Second: It is an innate sense of self-preservation if you will listen to it. No thinking involved.

When the cop got there, I gave him my gun and ID. He did not ask for it. But I did not want to risk him asking if I was armed and appearing to having been forthcoming.

He said, "Why didn’t you shoot him?" And I answered,"Because I didn’t need the gun."

What I remembered, like a voice in my ear... "Unless your gun is in your hand, aimed, you are NOT ready to use it. Thus, it's not your primary weapon."

I am eternally grateful and I literally owe you my life."

With heartfelt thanks,


Now, Here's Story #2... I would like you to listen to this second story because it deeply impacted me. It is a testament to why I have endorsed and feel so strongly about this self-protection system.

You must never let this happen to you or those you love.

The difference in the outcome of these two true stories is... Knowing What To Do When Seconds Matter.

...You see not long ago I read a book written by the man who created this program. His name is Tim Larkin. The title: “How To Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life.”

And, it’s the first book I’d seen that... finally... helped resolve the intellectual and moral struggle I’d been facing.

Listen to this short excerpt and I think you’ll begin to understand what I mean..

Survival is NOT enough!

...I don’t want to just survive... spending the rest of my life battling the physical and emotional repercussions of some deranged thug’s fantasy joy-ride...

...I don’t want my wife or daughters to just survive... knowing even if they did overcome the physical trauma, the emotional scars will never go away...

...and I don’t want you to just survive... to be forced to experience what the 3 individuals you just heard about went through...

We all must accept that today it's not enough to just survive. We must be committed to WIN... against even the most vicious predator imaginable.

Because I truly believe most people simply do NOT understand just how quickly things can go wrong.

Please take a moment to watch this short video clip.

It shows an older couple going to an ATM machine one evening. Something they'd probably done many times before.

Like you, they'd likely heard the warning, "Don't go to an ATM after dark!"

Yet we all tend to believe, 'nothing will happen to me.'

Until it does.

Please watch.

The woman was severely beaten. And her husband helpless to do anything about it.

Listen to me. You must never let this happen to you.

That’s why if you unexpectedly find yourself in a truly violent situation, you MUST know what to do.

And this is the ONLY system I've ever found that gives you the tools to do just that.

Larkin’s one-of-a-kind, reality-based system of self-defense shows you how to win... not just survive... a life-threatening attack.

It’s been designed from the ground up for regular folks like us who aren’t in the shape we once were, who don’t have time to practice or maybe have never even been in a real fight in our entire life.

And what I liked was the fact you can know exactly what you need to do in only a matter of hours.

Larkin is the 1 man I’ve found qualified to teach you the secret to surviving a truly unavoidable violent confrontation.

It’s absolutely critical you have this information. I believe this with all my heart.

He literally shows you how to put the stopping power of a bullet... into your bare hands.

It is the only thing you'll NEVER be without; the 1 thing your can bet both yours and your family's life on.

This System...
Already HAS Been Banned!

Because it’s so easy and simple to learn, this system gives everyday people tremendous power and control... and that’s something the authorities in the UK are terrified of. They’d much rather have you depending on first responders (the police) for help… even though everyone there understands most violence is over long before the police arrive.

Because of this, the Home Secretary of Britain has PERSONALLY banned Tim Larkin from entering the country to teach this system (this would be the equivalent of former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, personally making that decision here).

In a country that doesn’t allow guns, they've chosen to prevent their citizens from having the knowledge to protect themselves (even though comments ran 50-to-1 in favor of allowing Tim to teach this material).

Well, let the Home Secretary stick her head in the sand...

Today this very system protects my family... and it can protect yours, as well.

Please click the play button below to watch the video right now. Your safety depends on it.

-- Glenn Beck

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