Secrets For Staying Alive When 'Rules' Don't Apply

Targeting - The Key To Injury

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  1. Deb McNary

    Great info, thanks

  2. Lori Pavlick

    Great information – feel confident I can injure attacker if necessary and get away! Thanks Tim

  3. joe freitas

    thanks for the great info.

  4. Jimmy Berry

    Very good and easily understood.

  5. Jeremy Pincock

    I am an A&P mechanic contracting in In Iraq since 2010. We have had some rudimentary training but nothing like what I have learned thru your program. We do not carry any kind of weapon during our daily routine here in country and this training has helped me to feel confident that I could at least defend myself in close quarters. Thank you so much! I will sleep much better at night knowing I have the tools and the muscle memory built in to defend myself when the time comes to do so

    Jeremy Pincock

  6. Pat Goebel

    I find your training amazing. Something that most people experience in a confrontation is fear. Most people will not react because of this fear, but I have learned that if you embrace the fear, do what must be done for yourself and family, and reconcile yourself with the fear after the danger is over. You will find that the more you accept your fear and reconcile that fear afterward, you will be able to handle confrontations with more clarity and less injury. Thanks for the great instruction!

  7. Jim Heath

    I came across this material via Glen Beck, and have been very impressed. I was considering taking karate, but the time necessary for that training to provide results is more than I can give. I enrolled my grandchildren in karate for the discipline and training, but it dawned on me that at 62 years old, a Black Belt was more of a status symbol than real protection, and I am much more interested in the protection of my family and myself than I am in feeding my ego.
    Thanks, TFT, for a real alternative.


    I am on another adventure in another part of the world and not as young as I used to be.

    I feel better and gaining my confidence back, while walking around here in Asia at 62.


  9. Ted

    Translation of threat and force for personal defense

  10. Ted

    I have a CCW. I never want to use my handgun. TFT seems to offer a far better method to neutralize a threat, esp in CA

  11. How hard and fast would the action look? i.e. practicing on a bag.

    • Ralph Charlton

      Everything is slow and deliberate. You’re locking in the targeting and muscle memory. Should you ever need to use it, speed will be there.

  12. Arden balty

    I like the safety in training being stressed. The realistic reaction to the blow.

  13. Julio Garcia MD

    excellent review and explanation to make people of all ages and sizes feel comfortable

  14. Michel Allen

    Brilliant & effective!

  15. jimmy holland

    Man these videos are absolutely awesome! I amnsobglad that I ordered these! I live about 2.5 hrs from Nashville Tennessee..will you guys be doing any seminars here anytime soon? If not when and how much do your classes cost?? Thank you and keep em coming..

  16. Bob

    Great emphasis on the details of the target. I appreciate the updates and the consistency of the training. I am a physical therapist with an education that is focused on human anatomy, and the targets that are being taught are spot on! Anatomically, these targets will injure, disable an attacker. Thanks for your expertise.

  17. Marco Ramos

    Looks easy

  18. Jane Clouser

    Stop talking so much. Show us what we’re to learn. We all know we aren’t out to hurt our training partners. BTW: never thought about popping an ear drum!

  19. Don Byron

    I’ve known some of the target areas, but as I see it’s the follow through that makes all the difference

  20. Dan H

    I have read the comments posted so far and can only tell you that I wish I would have had this type of training in the service! All we were taught was basic “self defense” and takedowns. I am now in my 60’s with two bad shoulders and a bad back and I want to learn some of this because I can’t go “toe-to-toe” with the bad or crazy guys no more. For me it’s get it done quick or else it’s all over (if I can’t get to my weapon) for me or someone I care about. I’m not worried about what I may have to do as I will at least still be alive to tell my side of the story. I’m not looking for trouble and from what I have seen and read so far, that is NOT what these programs are for. These programs are for that time where you may have noting else to use for defense but to “injure” the bad guy so you become a survivor and not the VICTIM!!! I only hope I never need to know this stuff but it’s reassuring to have available.

  21. I have been trying to write feedback on separate form but I’m battling pain in my legs as a result of a blood and bone marrow disease, that has left me permanently, physically, disabled. I recently watched the webinar that Tim Larkin, did for the nearly 9k person membership of the USCCA last month.

  22. Allan Hurst

    very instructive.

  23. Deborah Miller

    Thank you for including me on your updates. I’m slowly learning ..I purchased your book and videos..and am determined to learn these skills for self-protection for my family and myself. Thank you

  24. Appears very effective and achievable.

  25. Brad Spear

    Awesome Information, want to come to class eventually.

  26. Frank Kovilaritch Jr

    Thanks again

  27. Dennie

    Another terrific instructional video. Your instructions regarding focus and intent at slow speed just clicked. Training in the ER is at a slow pace. Yet when time is of the essence speed just happens because the skill is ingrained.

  28. Linda J. Saaga

    Thank you for the tools you have put into our hands! Now, if I were able to catch both of my opponent’s ears with your technique, wouldn’t I have the aim plus extra strength in my blow? I feel I’d be able to do the damage needed, especially when I would have faked being terribly frightened so I could throw the opponent off guard and have (him/her) confidently come straight at me. I am a 64 year old woman, wife, mother, and grandmother. The trees on my property are no longer safe as I practice my newly learned techniques! And I may no longer have to bite when defending myself!!

  29. Helen Evette Rogers

    Not something I would ever have thought about

  30. Michael

    Excellent target!!

  31. Rodney Dickinson

    Extremely valuable information.

  32. I’m 58 still in fair shape, but this world is becoming more violent everyday. Where I live crime, drug activity, violence to non preditirs is vastly on the increase. I own guns but weapons can not always be accessable, bad police attacks have proven that. This program is an excillent extra arrow to always have readily available in your quiver.

  33. Ronnie

    Thanks a lot for the information and on the use .
    The video was very helpful.

  34. Rita Meagher

    I was wondering why you don’t use dummies to show the actual total movement of slapping your hand against the ear quickly (as you would really need to do in a live situation) without doing it in slow motion to the other teachers so you won’t hurt them. With a dummy you could show actual movement…not just with this video but in every target training. If you go slowly or do it in a different way than the way we are supposed to do it what good is it really? It seems like you could afford lifesize dummies to practice on.

    I know that when you are practicing being attacked and have to respond you have to use live persons but when it comes to touching the exact right contact point on a person and how much force it takes to do it I want to know EXACTLY how to do it right. I am 5ft 2inches tall and 135 if I slap somebody bigger on his ear I want to make sure it stops him or I’m in worse trouble probably!

    Thank you!

  35. Colette

    I believe this is going to be easy and very effective.

  36. Sally

    I liked the new target tasks. I am excited to learn easy effective new ways that may one day have to end up being the one piece of information that saved my life or my family. Thanks.

  37. Mark E. Shirley

    Great information Tim.



  38. Dave

    If you do the ear slap could you also grab their head at the same time with your other hand to control the head and do the ear slap then the eye gouge all at the same time

  39. John

    Thank you for your added targeting, I am ex-military and I love my country. Every patriot should learn these techniques.

  40. You are a fantastic instructor your team is really good. I have taken martial arts and I have learned from a good instructor he was in the military. I have been jumped by two thugs one tried to pin me up against the car, the other had a knife the first missed because he did not pick his target I went to low crouch. Kicked pins out landed on his head the one with knife ran away.
    Took few seconds, the one that landed on his head used his speed against him & he missed Just like you have said to much speed, it is easy to miss. Just like you have instructed you have to use force to cause injury saved my life.
    In the martial arts takes to much time to turn block and pick target, said I am only 5′ 4”, at the 160 lb. Cant fight two six foot thugs or struggle with a knife, its not like the movies.
    Thank you for the videos. I’ve learned more than I did in 2 years of Martial Arts.. Keep up the good work..

  41. Gordon Day

    Good useful information! My Ranger unit called this “Boxing the ears” and I used it during the Gulf war in ’91. After being hit from behind with a rifle butt, the insurgent bent down with a knife. I cupped both hands and struck him in both ears, hard enough to cause bleeding.I followed this with a thumb to the windpipe giving me time to pull my 45 and dropping him with a JHP to the forehead. During this attack we had no men injured, and the “Taliban” had no survivors.It all started with this move, and a shot waking and alerting my men, saving all our lives. SFC. Gordon Day, 175th Rangers, 101st Airborne. (ret.)

  42. Merle Shingler

    Just to make a “FUNNY” pun, — I hear ya!! —– good target.

  43. Ed Lizotte

    Looks like it would work and seems pretty easy to do.

  44. I totally like the way the material is presented: clear, safe, and effective as hell. The fact that you send me updates not only helps me perform better, but it’s also a fantastic incentive by the way it keeps me plugged into the necessary mindset. I’m not a violent person, and I hope I never need to use TFT, but I am confident I can if I must.
    You rock.

  45. Ronald Tomlinson

    Unique. It would make sense that training this slow will assist with proper target identification. Thanks.

  46. thomas mcbroom

    looks very effective, simple to a degree, but very doable

  47. James

    Outstanding! The information is simple, devastatingly effective, and clearly presented with no bull. Takes you right out of your comfort zone and then redefines it. If you are serious about protecting yourself, you need this!

  48. Javier

    This training is great! I watched all the videos, and I love to be updated with new knowledge and targets. It’s fantastic.

  49. Jeff

    One target, one thought… React and follow through. This is another “tool” which you may not of thought to normally use… But, since you never know what position in relation to your attacker that you may find yourself in we must prepare for alternate targets.

    There could be a time when less than lethal may be required. In any case we are building our knowledge of different targets and different strikes that can only help to prepare us.

    Stay Alert…


  50. Dana Bragdon

    Wow! Thank you! This is another great video. I am learning a lot!

  51. eve

    Ok. Sounds simple. But, what if this is a male attacking who is 200lbs +, is over 6ft, and l am a female that is under 5.5ft, weighs less that 125 lbs, or am even shorter and lighter! How am l going to reach up that high and be able to hit him in the ear?

    • Customer Support

      Hi Eve,
      This is a great question.
      You never want to worry about a target you can’t reach, you want to ONLY go after the first target you can reach. If you can’t reach the upper body targets, you can reach the lower body targets, ie. Solar Plexus, Lung, Heart, Liver, Spleen, Bladder, Groin, and so on. When any of these targets are injured, the body’s reaction is to come forward, placing all the upper body targets within reach. With that being said, it is very important to ALWAYS remember that you have to go after each strike as if it was the ‘only’ strike you had to survive violence. You don’t want to think, “I’m going to halfheartedly strike the groin so that I can then go for the ears”. The person with the shortest ‘to do list’ is the one who is going to get the injury first. Pick the target you can reach, Injure Now , with total commitment and body weight. Then go after the next target. Keep doing this until he is non-functional and you can safely walk away.
      As far as being lighter, imagine dropping a 20 lb weight on your foot. Now imagine the damage you can do at 100 lbs. by throwing your body behind one square inch of you through one square inch of him.
      If you are interested in obtaining a TFT Strike Chart poster, which illustrates the 70 plus targets (anterior and posterior) on the human body, please check out our website at, and click on “online store”.

  52. Ruby Beal

    Just recently purchased the training materials from a Glenn Beck site. This additional information is great and most helpful. I have never been in a situation where I have needed to protect myself because my husband was usually been there and was trained in the military. However, he currently is not capable of providing the protection that he once could. He listened to the initial information and then encouraged me to buy the package, He has lost most of his sight and balance and I think that some of this training will be beneficial for him to get some of his confidence back to be able to protect himself and our son who is also blind.

  53. Barry Smith

    after students get up to TFT-standards (which i think are excellent!), what would be the harm in THEN ‘going at’ striking-pads of various kinds, full speed, full power; the idea that one can be fully trained by TFTs’ absolute non-use of pads seems to fly against 100% of the history of selfdef, MA, martial sports, dirt bag x-con/prison violence, dueling, street fighting, mil/police/security, Agency assassins…even young animals train on each other, before the real thing as mature predators; it sounds like you guys think you have figured out something totally basic, that absolutely no successful ‘combatant’ one has ever before; please point out the history of the TFT-approach, i.e., never full power, full speed (of course what you’re trying to do, successfully, is avoid, e.g., housewives getting their windpipes crushed, etc…)

  54. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for
    social signals

  55. Robert Brown

    Another great video. Thanks for the idetification of an additional target and how to destroy it.

  56. Wolf

    TFT is a great traing program designed to save your life,

  57. I came across your program quite by accident, and have been totally sold on the entire package. As a female Martial Artist it is very important to me to get across to the women I teach Self Defense to that Knowing all the Martial Arts in the World will not save your life. You better now more than kicking and punching…Having said that, leads me to say thank you for reiterating all that I have been trying to convey in my seminars. Thank you for sharing all your information and knowledge.

  58. Daphne Atkins

    This video was very good because it did go into details of how to injure through one target rather than just giving a long presentation about what will be taught as in so many other emails. This shows that there is actually some good instruction available when there are so many “experts” offering the “best” of everything.

  59. Lex Waters

    An easily overlooked yet tremendously effective tactic. My father was a naval aviator in the 50’s and 60’s, and I remember him showing me this back in the late 50’s when I was a kid as part of his downed pilot survival training. I used a less than lethal level of this in more than a few schoolyard scraps and it ended the altercation very quickly.

  60. David

    How long before the criminal learns TFT?

  61. david

    Great info….I have ear problem so I know the effectiveness of this injury. Thanks for sharing!

  62. Margaret Boyer

    Margaret again…now I get it .I read Michael and Ty G’s comments and see that trying is better than taking the punch without EVEN trying. Thanks Guys.

  63. Margaret Boyer

    I never even heard of anything like the ear attack….by looking and doing it slow doesnt that give the Target time to swat your hand away?

  64. Wendy

    Thanks for your added videos and instruction via email. I am taking advantage of it all.

  65. Robert Vallow

    I learned combat self defense in the U S ARMY, but this gives a whole new meaning to surviving an aggravated assault, and gives ANYONE the ability to inflict bodily harm on anyone big and powerful!!! My wife and daughter are learning this program as I am!! Thank you for this great program!!!

  66. Ann Dean

    Thank you so much for providing the tools for non violent peaceful people to survive in this insane world we live in today.

  67. Nelson

    The training you provide here is easy and gives a simple joe like me confidence to defend myself. Thanks for the info.

  68. Jim.plouffe

    Thanks for the video Tim you are very important to me you help peoples save their lives your blessing have a good day

  69. Bob

    I have sweveral of your DVD’s and read and watch everything that you send out. Your stuff puts “self defense” in to perspective.

    Thank you

  70. Chris

    It would help if you had silicon dummies so you could demonstrate at full speed. Especially in the “eyes” segment, the clawing of the eyes was not clear since you always targeted above the eyes for safety. I am still not sure if I should claw or poke at the eyes since that was not shown. If you had a silicon head and demonstrated exactly what to do it would be invaluable. Also, actually gouge the eye out of a silicon head would be very instructional and MEMORABLE. BTW, you instruction is quite beneficial, especially for a 65 year old guy!



  72. WOW! Thanks. I will order more of your videos.

  73. Sandy

    Having had a stroke at 58 that killed the balance organ in 1 ear, I can tell you from experience what happens if you get hit like that. I’m not a big or tall person, but now at 64 I can certainly do that to someone if necessary. Have bought some of you videos already and am practicing…. Keep up the good work getting this information out to people.

  74. Jay

    I have heard some of these common sence Targets and forgot most. What i’m trying to do now with this information from You is to remember focusing on these Targets and hitting these Targets are what may save a Human Life. Now its time to focus and get serious!!

  75. Bill Higgins

    Excellent demo, Tim, particularly in demonstrating the result of the action. In the actual conflict, many people seeing the reaction for the first time can be put off or distracted, not to mention NOT knowing the correct response occurred. So, seeing what effective looks like is a very good lesson. Thanks. Bill H.

  76. Mark A Eselby Sr

    Very cool, Thanks

  77. Donna Arguin

    I now no I can protect myself with simple movements and walk away thanks

  78. Ken

    Tim, thank you for sharing this video. I had forgotten about injuring the ears. Very valuable info. All the best to you and your guys.

  79. Tia

    The more places we know to cause injury the better chance we have to win a deadly attack. Id never thought the ear would be one. Thanks for sharing.

  80. Brian Ormsby

    Escaped being mugged recently and now thankful I have found the knowledge way to injure those people who would have injured me.

  81. Joseph

    Amazing. Now i realize just how effective your information is annd how it can easily be the difference between life and death

  82. richard

    Rocky was good movie magic but not real. Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist ever and what he did in those movies he can and has in real life. I always said God created the greatest human fighter that ever lived. Now on your video. Very informative. I can fight but I definitely will practice that move.

  83. Kevin Dahl

    Nice job. Knowledge is power and I thank you for that.

  84. G B

    Thanks for sharing this. I have long known about this target but have never used it. For me it was so important to learn the proper response from a proper strike to this target. I could imagine it but never be sure. I personally feel that it is just as important to learn the minimum response/feedback from a proper strike as it is to learn how (penetration) and where to deliver the strike.

  85. George Davis

    I own your dvd’s already, but I do enjoyed watching them again.

  86. kelly roskosh

    Wow! The ear is nothing I knew about before. Thank you for sharing these clips, I am thankful I read every one of your emails because they always teach or show very valuable information.

  87. JIm

    I have seen the eye gouge work in real life.and it stops an attacker in there tracks even if your laying on yourback and the guy sittng on top of you.we still have target to strike

  88. JIm

    You know I stop watching all those UFC fights and I do not watch any fighting movies.cause they mislead one mind.

  89. Gil Cordova

    I do not worry about the big guys, it is the little guys who can kill you!

  90. steve

    good stuff, i like the fact its simple and straight to the point and can cause so much damage

  91. Barry shore

    As usual excellent video but you guys are six footers and and proberly 200lbs in weight. What about a puny 5′ 6′ guy would he stand any chance if he came up against you guys. I doubt it.

  92. Thank you. I hope I never need to use this info. Glad to have you show me something that may help’

  93. Ernest

    I agree, the worst beating I ever took was a few months after I started training in traditional martial arts. I was on foot in as a trained fighter and began to doubt my now natural ability. There is always that moment when you realize the other person is not just blowing off steam but trying to do you permanent injury or death. This results in unilateral escalation or if your smart jump exponentially to the crippling move. I was in the Navy and traveling and had already seen a shipmate identified and hauled off to a Greek jail for who knows how long for being involved in a minor altercation. So I was reluctant to have the same done to me over a stupid street fight. At the time Americans were hated especially because Greece and Turkey were fighting over the Island of Cypress. We narrowly escaped riots where the Greek Communist were literally burning down hotels that severed Americans drinks or rent rooms. Not to mention our stay in Tunisia where Muslim hatred was already brewing in 1976. After maturing very fast I learned to feel trouble starting and avoid it early as the situation evolved. So I am still alive and free because I learned to do what I had to do to stay out of trouble not win fights. If violence was called for fast ferrous then calmly walk away while trying to be invisible.

  94. Randall J Brown

    Thanks Tim please continue to send more. This is some serious stuff!

  95. Barbara McWha

    As a 62 yr old woman, I take your videos very seriously. Luckily I live in the country in a relatively safe area, but you never know what’s going to happen. With your tapes, I believe I am prepared. The mindset is the most important thing. I spent 6 months deciding whether or not I could shoot to kill before I bought a gun. I know I can do it with a gun or with these methods. Keep up the good work. It does save lives.

  96. John Kozak

    Something obvious but obviously overlooked. I could have used this in an attack but my mind wasnt focused. Is it better to try and stay out of the fight or flight syndrome and stay calm and rational in an attack.

  97. Don Schill

    Thank you, this was very helpful and very easy to follow.

  98. Fernando Delfaus

    Very good lesson.

  99. Paul Marchesseault

    Now this will get the job done. If the full course is similar I’ll have the tools to protect my family and others as the circumstance requires.

    Thank you so much Tim. You are a blessing to all of us.

  100. Jerry Ferraiulo

    I have trained in a discipline called Tai Zen. It is designed as a self defense form of martial art. We studied pressure points to target, how to avoid being hit by an assailant and was shown that even the biggest opponents had weak spots.i know for sure that hitting someone in the ear with a cupped hand is painful. Once while playing around with my wife she did just that. She had no training but for some reason she did just that. It really stunned me,imam sure doing it with more of a direct strike will be effective in many situations

  101. James

    I was surprised – it makes sense. I don’t think anyone automatically trains to injure their opponent, our experience is childhood “fights” that prohibit injury. This is the real deal.

  102. George Hill

    Thank youTim. Good stuff.

  103. robert lewis

    I hope i never have to use it, but this is fantastic training! Remember’ there is no such thing as a fair fight!

  104. Marshall Watson

    Very good instruction with high emphasis on safety. I do believe doing this in great repetition will bring about the desired results.

  105. Bruce Carson

    Thanks for what you do Tim.

  106. joseph bogdan

    I will take the time to train new techniques and look forword to learn more

  107. Richard R. Simmons

    Honest and trustworthy people that make one feel confident to carry on with life even in the tough neighborhoods.

  108. Danny Myre

    This is a new target from my DVD set. This seems to be a great target. I’ve got to practice this with my two sons today when we have time. Thanks again Tim. I love to get these emails. I study and take each one very seriously. I want to learn and know your training.

  109. larry

    EXCELLENT ! I have seen this used before and did’nt realize this is what was taking place. I’m hoping to find the funds to get the complete set. I’m certainly not as young as I used to be and after multiple back surgeries,these tips will certainly help out in this “World gone Mad” ! Thank you for your service.

  110. GI

    Good basic technique. Excellent presentation. Personal concern is that a senior citizen would be over whelmed by the physical strength of men your age. But I’ll work on my mindset. TY

  111. Tony Gauci

    Thank you for sharing this info Tim,
    I will be practicing this technique and ordering the pack soonest. Tony

  112. Mike Gallagher

    I ‘m just waiting untill my next pay check to order your complete program. My father started my traing when I was young. He was OSS. I have trained in different forms growning up and into my adult years (I’m now 58) the circle is leading to your class. It seams you teach what. My father was trying to teach me way back when. “a person only has one chance to make a first impression ”

    Looking forward to your class

  113. Charles Johnson

    Larry has some problems…like shooting to wound…hey brother that should never happen…the bogey might get up and cut your throat…in a life or death situation destroy your attacker…in a split second…back in 1965-1970 we had to use Perfect Intelligence…our job was to harrass the enemy on every point…mostly behind enemy lines…we weren’t even supposed to be there…Black Ops are designed that way…never ever show sympathy for asocial behavior…these people have one thing in mind…therefore you should have one thing in mind…no verbal exchanges…the ones that talk and tell you what they’re going to do are the least of your worries…the dog that doesn’t growl or bark is the one you had better keep your eyes on…he’s got one thing in mind…to bite you in the ass…I’m now 65 and have 7 grandsons…the oldest being 17…I try to instill in them certain things from experience that will keep them safe…gotta have that 360 vision…my youngest child who is now 34 was in Air Force Special Ops…was all over the Middle East as well as South America…I taught him early on to never sit with your back to a window or with your back to the crowd…always keep that in front of you…something he never forgot…he’s grown into a fine young man, husband, father and uncle…be wise pilgrims be wise…gotta be ready when Eli comes…stay safe and protect your loved ones…Hang Tuff & Cover Your Own!

  114. S Zimmerman

    target focus=disable the mind by causing injury=great video

  115. Alex

    Thank you for the mind set reset.i salute you daily .


    Loving the insght and training tips. Ordering the full set his weekend. Getting wife and daughter involved as well.

  117. Robert

    That’s an awesome targeted move, Thankyou for sharing. I will practice relentlessly. A loyal student, Rob Covington

  118. reynaldo gonzalez

    By reading your information i really do believe that you need to take every situation as life threating.I really liked this video and will use it only when we have to.I wished could get your courses.I’m on a budget and on worksman comp.,.When i get back on my feet again,especially for my wife who wants to learn.Again thank you and keep up the good work.I wish you guys were here in Texas.

  119. Kent Eveleth

    I agree with Dale. I have found myself daydreaming to myself and asking “What would I do if…..”. You read and hear so much these days about violence – in the work place, what just happened at Sandy Hook, shoutouts in movie theathers – a person has no choice but to be prepared for anything to happen at any given moment. My main problem now is to find a buddy so I can begin to practice and to keep reading through the book over and over and over; and practice and practice and practice until it’s as fundamental as riding a bike or learning to swim.

  120. Will

    Great video, clear and precise teaching. Safety is taken into account. Very simple which makes TFT work so well. Thank you for the video. Everything you guys put out is great. Just happy to be learning.

  121. Yvonne Ginger

    This video was very informative. I did not know you could cause so much damage by slapping the ear in the manner described. Thanks

  122. Josh

    Great video. Would like to see more like this. I have sent this link to several people.

  123. cindy

    I watched the video, it made sense to me, heard that my entire life. My father, a Marine, taught MA to other soldiers, he was also an amiture boxer. Sadly he also had Parkinsons Disease that hit him in his mid 30’s, and slowly ravished his body. Back in those days (early 80’s) medicine did not know much of this disease.
    I am now in my 40’s, in bad shape due to a car accident in 2004, its taken its toll, but I am fighting back, and making progress! I live outside of DC, my husband is legally blind, altho you wouldnt notice, he has never let his disabilities rule his life! He also wears hearing aides.
    With no peripherial vision, and lack of hearing clearly at times I worry about him! Myself, I’ve always been a scapper. Grew up in Las Vegas, I have had my share of comfrontations. I worry about my husband because he can not see the swiig of a punch, and fast movements register slowly to him.
    Myself, I got the know how, somewhat, but not practiced in years. I have my limitations from what the injuries caused in my body. I worry that I would not have the power. And Im not sure how my reaction to an attack or comfrontation..meaning I dont know where my limitations would affect me. When I feel threatened and the adrenaline kicks in I am fearless. I dont feel pain, in my body or if someone struck me. I dont care if I get hurt, Im focused on my target. I have left an attacker on the ground! I carry on my key chain a (not sure how its spelled) a “Que-baton”. Its a MA weapon, that my father gave me about 30 yrs ago, it fits in my small hands like a roll of dimes! I dropped that guy trying to rape me by useing the groin move. Im 5 ft tall, and always been small, but I would climb an attacker like a tree trunk if I needed too!!
    I watched this, then had my husband watch with me. We both would like more! Need to find out what book some people mentioned in posts yoo!
    Im excited to get the entire videos ( hope the volume and sound is better! )!!
    At first, we both felt really silly, trying to practice on eachother lol. So we had a play slap fight, it was fun, and we did get serious about it! Lol, I think I won:-)
    Thank you….and thanks to the info people added in the posts!!!

  124. A couple of months ago, before I’d heard about TFT, I was sitting in a burger king having a quick lunch. I start thinking what I’d do if some crazy comes thru the door and starts shooting an automatic. I don’t have anywhere to hide, the chairs and table are bolted to the floor. I figured out the only way to improve my chance would be to rush the attacker with the food tray as a tool. I really didn’t know what I’d do once I got to him other than start beating on him with the tray.

    Now, having read your book, reading your emails and watching the videos, I realize I wasn’t insane after all, and you provide the tools so I could survive a situation like this.

  125. Howdy! This post couldn’t be written much better! Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept talking about this. I’ll forward
    this information to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a very good read. Thanks for sharing!

  126. Herschel Phelps

    Tim thanks for your book, comments and videos. I am 82 years old, in good health, but no way as strong as a 20-30 year old punk. I have been widowed 11 years and am determined that neither I nor my soon-to-be new wife will ever become victims of an attack.

  127. Tommy Anderson

    Thanks for the additional class,
    It was very helpful. I am 52 yrs. old and your classes have not only helped
    My confidence, but has also given me more peace of mind.
    Just want to say Thanks!
    Keep up the great work of putting us on equal ground with the bad
    Parts of society!
    T. Anderson

  128. Dennis Voigt

    i’am famillar with tft from the 90’s. I like and appreciate the crawl, walk, run approach.Thanks Tim.

  129. Phillip Barnes

    Invaluable! This is information that so simple, yet in so few tool bags. I cannot recall considering the ear a target but I know this will easily take the fight out of almost anyone… Thank you for providing a real common sense approach to protecting my family and myself.

  130. woot, thankyou! I finally came to a site where the webmaster knows what they’re talking about. Do you know how many results are in Google when I search.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with thousands of people just copying eachother’s articles… bah. Anyway, thankyou very much for the info anyway, much appreciated.

  131. You just need to make your video a little livelier so that it is not so boring to the people growing up in this generation. Although there isn’t anything funny about protecting and defending yourself against violence, people will learn at a faster rate if you add a little humor and add a little life to your video and they would be more inclined to tell others about your videos.

  132. Jose

    Tim, I thank you for your videos. It is amazing that you could injured someone so easily with no training. I was in a situation about two years ago, where my friend got sucker punch as we were coming out of a bar. They were three guys that followed us outside and one of them confronted my friend and hit him before I could move, the two other guys were coming for me. just to stop me from helping my friend. One was bigger than me and the other one was taller about 6’5. If I would have known about TFT before the outcome would have been different. Thank you, and keep doing what your doing.

  133. Barry Lewis

    Thank you for sharing your technique with the public. Having received such a blow in a schoolyard fight I remember how devestating is was. It shut me down immediately. The boy that hit me was as surprised as I was. I told myself that I would always remember that if I was ever in another fight.
    Well, I’ve never been in another fight. I’m probably bucking the odds. However, thank you for the refresher on something I swore never to forget.

    Barry Lewis

  134. John

    peter, hate to say it but you are one of those that in a real life situation are defeated from the start.I was raised by a man who was in the navy, a koeran war vet US naval landing force,before navy seals were ever thought of,and alot of martial arts and combat sports were ever around in the USA . Anyway as i was growing up my dad taught myself and my brothers how to defened ourself. keep in mind the military taught him two things about hand to hand, they were how to kill and to maim .Of course his goal was to teach us how to defend ourselves so certian things we were not taught, until we were older. we were taught not to start a fight,talk our way out of fighting if possible, but if we had to fight use any and all tactics to end it quickly short of killing ,that was something only to be used if things were life or death.tim and tft are teaching technics that will help people and save your life,in a life or death situation.A cupped hand ear strike is extremely effective if exacuted properly and it does not cause death like a hard strike to the throat can,it may not be the best move but it maybe the first opening you have. The eyes are easier to get to but not as easy as one might think when the other person is trying to beat you silly.IN conclusion TFT is something i would like for both my daughters one being 4ft 8in tall 100lbs and the other 5ft and 92lbs to know

  135. Michael Gallegos

    Hello Mr. Larkin; I have only been in combat situations (VN 65-67). I learned it is important to never step backward because it emboldens them if you do, but worries them if you don’t. Sometimes you must step back but, it makes what you have to do, harder. In one battle, they came on 10s & 50s strong in my field of fire. Eventually, there was no time to insert fresh mags. You had to go to bayonet and rifle bashing. When it gets close, you are so right, martial arts lacks the training needed to take them out. When the relationship gets to be chest to chest, spit to spit, knee to groin, boot to knees, you taste their sweat: you can’t use MA training and live: I slapped a few up side the head, kicked in some leg and knee joints, groined a couple so that I imagine their concentration was ruined – but – I still had to follow through with a permanent stop to the harm they wanted to do to me and my brother Marines. So, with hands, and sometimes a K-bar, their bayonet, ours, or bamboo stakes, helmets, pens, belts, thumbs, hands, ammo cans, 80MM mortar crates or parts thereof, we removed sight, throats, and lives and stacked them up like sandbags. CO was Capt Able Axtel (the ‘Double A’): he told us, before this battle, we would have to do and use whatever it takes to win. He paused, and with profound seriousness added, it would be up to each Marine to win – and – live. “If you have to fight close, do not step backward. You will die if you do.” Those words rang in my ears. Never forgot it. It’s true. Never step backward. Move forward unless it will get you enveloped. Then step back and slightly to the side – it throws their balance off a bit and slows their momentum – smash them with a cupped hand to the ear and then, proceed where rules dare not go LOL … Thank you very much for your TFT. You have emboldened me! Have a nice day.
    Michael Gallegos
    Fort Collins, CO

  136. Tony


    This material is Incredible! It’s realistic for any body type and extremely effective. I truly believe that this training can save lives. The most important factor is the llearning curve (Matter of days). Kudos to you for giving the good guy split second advantage.

    Thank you,

  137. Cindy Greco

    I was in a defense class shortly after 9/11/2001. It was not near as thorough as TFT. They did teach us to focus on the “five soft spots of the body: eyes, ears, nose, throat, and groin”. TFT follows through with this concept with much more intensiveness. They taught us to temporarily disable the guy in order to secure him/her to a seat in the plane. I thought then, good grief, that can’t be all there is! A lot of ‘what if’s’ came to mind, so I am really glad there is someone out there to teach and encourage a complete take-down of the bad guy.
    After each of your sessions, I look forward to the next. I already feel more competent in my safety after watching your videos and listening to you and your team. Thank God for you and TFT. Looking forward to a live training class.

  138. Paul

    Outstanding video and teaching, as a martial artist and 30 yr. law enforcement officer, I highly recommend your teaching and videos. In the arena of combat, where you have to fight for your life and or protect a loved one, you pull no punches. I have faced these situations on more then one occasion and lived to talk about it due to the unrestrained methods of combat I used. The methods you teach do work on the street and will save you or someone else in the event you can’t walk away from the confrontation. peace pcl

  139. Peter

    Tim, I thank Thersea May for barring you from the U.K. If it had not been for her, I never would
    have heard about you. She allow’s people to stay in this counrty! who are here to Rob, Mug, and
    Murder, but stop’s people like you, who want to show us how to defend ourselves and our families. Keep up the good work I will be in touch again soon, all the best to you and your team..

  140. Arden

    Great technique for older citizens

  141. Greg

    Peter, you are right, but only to a point… Tim’s TFT is a process. This particular target is only one of many taught. Your “theory” is also correct, BUT eyes and throat are also targets, and the “best” targets to strike are the ones that present themselves during the unscripted chaos. Think of it as another tool… remember that they pointed out that when struck there is a reflexive counter move that can be exploited if the initial target strike doesn’t work. It’s part of the process of learning, and obviously the focus element is so that you can and will master the primary move with certainty, and if certainty isn’t quite certain enough, Tim teaches the responses and back-ups needed for the next tool for injury. Good thinking and appropriate skepticism, but keep an open mind.
    Just sayin’.

  142. Adolf

    The video would be more effective if the instructors addressed the most effective arm motion for achieving a quick, accurate, & sufficiently powerful strike. For example, explain the approximate angle and arc of the arm when accelerating it to the ear target area. Otherwise, the TFT principles, the specific technique, practicing it, & the desired outcome are well explained.

  143. Georgia Dahlberg

    Great video and good info. I wish the sound had been clearer. There seemed to be a lot of background garble making clear understanding of the info difficult. Have you ever thought of doing closed caption? I hate to be seen as a complainer. Thanks for all you do!

  144. John

    I totally agree. Violence rules the day. But, good judgement should rule the day also. Using excessive force to subdue an attacker can often turn into a legal nightmare. Especially, in today’s criminal friendly legal justice system. A person when acting in self defense can be charged with assault with great bodily injury against an attacker.

  145. buck moore

    I can see where the info.and tactics i am learning from these videos could save my life.
    Thank you for them.

  146. john

    Very good presentation! Can’t wait to view the cd’s.

  147. ra

    missing targets? that’s what happens when you don’t have one. when you do – it just means you now have something to practice. You get close? great. You miss? then you’re still fighting until you get beat.

  148. Linda

    I think all of Tim’s preview training video’s are very helpful. I never knew the ear could be damage like that. Now I at least have some clue on what to do if attacked and how to try to save my life or a loved one if someone were to seriously threaten life. I had no idea how to defend myself unless I had a weapon until I started watching Tim’s videos.
    Would like to see more new videos. I am wondering if Tim could offer preview training videos on someone attacking from behind and what to do, it’s the element of surprise when attacked from behind that’s scary. Thanks for the videos Tim.

  149. Steven Randleas

    You can watch a lot of Bruce Lee and other martial arts movies or attend a local martial arts school to learn self-defense/survival and try and look good in a violent situation and then look stupid just before you and or your lived one dies. OR you can pay attention to the TFT training and quiet likely live. I have taught many of the same techniques and principles of TFT for over 25 years and lived them on the street. And for me there is NO better training for street survival in the world then Tim’s TFT .

    Peter this is America and you certainly have a right to have and express your THEORY. You did however miss, I think, at least two very important points. 1. You are not training to MISS your target and with focused and REGULAR practice you wont and 2. this clip only dealt with (for space and time and example) one of thousands of possible targets. So if the ear strike isn’t CLEARLY available then for goodness sake man chose a target that is ….. I’m sorry, to much common sense??? …

    Now Peter if you will get the TFT training Videos and PAY ATTENTION Tim and his fellow instructors will answer and remove ALL the “what if’s” …really.

  150. Thanks, good vid, clear and logical training.

  151. Tim has a great pearl of wisdom in that the tool of violence is there for everybody to use, especially to those who really never got in a fight in there life. Alot of those so called street fighters basically rely on bluffing there way through a fight, meaning they talk alot and I mean alot. They perfected the art of intimidation, and they do it quit well, I should know, I was one of them until I ran in to the wrong guy that my hollow threats didnt work, and got the snot kicked out of me. I learned a valuable lesson that day and decided to hang up my book of threats and follow my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Thanks for guys like Tim Larkin there are guys that wont back down from bullies like me cause after a couple of years I saw that same guy and asked him about why he wasnt scared like all the others I intimidated, and he said one name, Tim Larkin TFT,then he led me to the LORD, AMEN brothers

  152. NN

    @Larry: spoken like a true bleeding heart victim. Bravo!

  153. Larry Peterson

    According to United States Revised Statues-If you have your attacker immobilized, the fight is over. If you continue, you will be the aggressor, and subject to arrest and prosecution for continuing to be the aggressor. Suppose,with me. If you were lucky, and knocked out your opponent with a roundhouse, any further action on your part will be considered by the State to be illegal. If your opponent is unconscious, or physically unable to continue-you cannot do anything more. If you use a destructive target, say stomping on his windpipe, you have now become the attacker and are liable for anything that happens to the guy you just stomped. I have seen it happen, as a former Director of Court Services. If your opponent dies, you will be arrested for Murder, and prosecuted. If he is seriously damaged, you will be charged with Aggravated Battery and face prison time. Civil action also makes you responsible for all his costs in making him whole again. As a nation of laws, you are held responsible for your behavior. There exist a force continuum that you must follow, and causing greater damage then is necessary, is illegal. For example, on Police One today-a cops newspaper managed by the experts, Officers were told that it would be better for them to shoot to wound-not kill-no double taps. Just because your a cop does not give you the right to Murder-to take a human life is against all the principles of law, unless he is threatening to kill you.-something that an immobilized person can not do-he is no longer a threat, and for you to become one, is against everything we represent. Just use common sense-if you have been attacked, and dropped your attacker, and he is no longer a threat-do you seriously believe you now have earned the right to kill him? Then you are a criminal, and you will be dealt with the same way that he would have been, if he had killed you. You have a right to defend yourself–you do not have the right to kill or injure after the threat is over-there is no reason to do so. Why would you even want to? There is no right-,what would make you better than him? Check with local law enforcement before you continue to destroy..

  154. Don Thomas

    food for thought. I wear two hearing aids and still have a hard time understanding what is said. Would there be a way of lessening the echo for a more higher quality audio. Bottom line is I need to make a trip to attend one of your sessions. At one time I was very much involved in the martial arts to no present avail. I really need what you are teaching because I want to share it with my 27 year old daughter. I thank you for your valuable considerations and time. Don

  155. Bill

    Reading the comments after watching the videos, I wonder if we all saw the same clips. What Tim is teaching is combat conflict resolution and not for the individual unwilling to save their own life. Reflective violence is for the guys training to self defend and stay within the confines of social rules. Cutting the corners (Musashi) is the strategy of inflicting injury on a more skilled opponent to even the playing field. Neither applies in the threat removal senerio, this is designed to destroy the ability to attack as quickly as possible. I agree the control of emotion, timing, target knowledge and striking ability gained from martial practice would be benificial, but the core is “gotta wanna”. Muscle memory and automatic response comes from training as the cop video shows. I can tell you how to “take their mind”, but if you are unwilling or hesitant you will fail. You do not nuke the school bully and you do not defend yourself against the serial killer. Tim has covered these aspects well and the continued discussion of apples and oranges seem a waste of time. Under stress the body will protect itself if properly trained and the mind will have little to do with it. You stock your toolbox accordingly as the responsibilty for your protection is after all yours. I teach my grandkids Karate and some Aikido, teens progress through firearms and other weapons, adults should have the advantage of combat skills and the maturity to decide when to use them. My family has a long history of military and law enforcement. This is good training for your tool box.

  156. William

    Invaluable, at least for me, at 77 with a bad back and a game leg, using a cane, with my wife more or less in the same condition, being aware of my surroundings along with this training, I’m not worried about being out on the town late at night. I now know I have the potential to give as much as receive and more.

  157. Sam

    The speed of practice I recognize as critical. Slow…controlled…focused on the target. Like scales on the piano. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Go as slowly as needed for perfection. Smart…

  158. Toni Brough

    I had trouble hearing this, but, since this was my first exposure to TFT , I was quite enlightened and am looking forward to learning more.

  159. Ken Linville

    In high school I saw an Irish Christian Brother use this strike to subdue a football player half again his size.

  160. I’m a 65 y.o. disabled FMF Navy Corpsman(for 34yrs). Watching this clip and reading the responses are very informative and thought provoking. The Marines, other military men,police, martial art persons,family,friends etc over the years have always tried to teach me a variety of their training and disciplines. What one of my closet friends, a Navy Seal taught me was to minimize my adrenaline response and do just what this video states.To focus on what each situation presents,and to practice so your muscles are honed. My three sons and other family members and friends have not always taken what I’ve tried to teach them as seriously as they should because of my physical appearence. I would like to purchase the videos for two reasons. They will take your instructions more seriously, and I need to know how to keep myself updated. I don’t even pretend to know all that you offer. Thanks !

  161. Mike

    Thanks again to TFT another great video.

    and looking through the comments the answers are in the online tft videos both the 5secondsurvival and on the blog or in the book. as Brandon says its really recommended you atleast read the whole book before commenting

  162. Sharon Offenbacker

    I had forgotten about the ear canal. It is very sensitive, we who have ear infections know. One question though, is it true that men’s ears are extremely sensitive?

  163. Daniel

    I live in the uk and I can understand theresa mays decision, but only in relation to the fact. That if TFT is used and the other party dies how the hell do you’justify’ using lethal force when we can’t over here in the uk.. It’s bad enough explaining your actions in court without TFT being mentioned and the fact Tim isn’t allowed in the uk. But let me tell you this, i will not be a statistic and I will use these techniques if needs be to save my life, wife and children if the need arises. Tims advice is not to kick the nuts off people for any indiscretion it tells you your watch, wallet, parking space or being cut up in traffic is not worth a knife in the spine or your heart. It’s when the threat of a knife in the spine or heart is for no reason we know it’s going to end badly on our part unless we react quickly and effectively. Thanks Tim. Have you looked into starting a partition? Get enough names and it has to be seen by the Prime Minister.

  164. John

    Ive been watching these free videos and reading the information for the last week or so now and wishing i could afford to actauly attend your training, the commen sence of this system is what makes it so effective in my opinion, im a little nerdy guy but ive studied various martial arts all my life and people never seem to understand that it dosent matter how big you are if the person hitting you knows where to hit you and how to hit you then your done, also your absolutly right that you fight how you train wich is why ive never liked classes that teach from the sport point of veiw i mean yea there fun and good for learning good looking techniques, but they dont do a damn bit of good when your walking home at night on a dark street and someone desides they want your wallet….

  165. Equal force? Sounds good in theory, except anyone who knows strategy or tactics knows that the use of attrition is most expedient/effective when applied with overwhelming force. It also uses surprise as leverage in this instance where one may not have the advantage of brute strength, skill, or speed. At the end of the day, the scoreboard says it all. Politically correct nonsense can get one killed. I’ve been through the “escalation of force” crap the prosecutors will pull, but I’m still here. Win, always win, by hook or by crook. The winners get to write history. That’s the time to make it politically correct; when your opponent is vanquished, not before.

  166. Tim: First off you are prayed for that you have a speedy recovery.
    I got your email a few days back stating that there were two spots still open for the NYC live training. Took the biggest leap of faith and signed up.
    This week-end was life changing. Sachin and Jeff did a fantastic job. The myth of not being able to move a large object was erased completely. To anyone, like me who sweated over the cost thinking that it amounted to a couple of months of food…….well, let me say that this training session will change every dynamic in your life, and will keep you around to put food on your table, as apposed to possibly getting an early entry ticket to Heaven at the hands of someone with intent to harm you. Other myths like size being a factor also flew out the window. I got thrown to the mat hard one time….lesson learned was react fast to break your impact with ground. I did get some hurt planted on me all down my left side by one aggressive fellow, and wondered for a minute if my ability to continue had been canceled…..lesson learned was that my right side still worked just fine, so I continued from that side for the remainder of the second day.
    Bottom line take away is to ask you what price you would put on your life. If the answer is that you are priceless, well so is this training. You cannot save your life if you do not learn how to do it.
    So to everyone at TFT from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the most priceless gift you have given me.

  167. Wow! I understand everything so far. I agree with everything so far. The first day or two I had to read and watch and listen to everything two or three times before it made it through my thick skull and into my brain. Now I look forward to live training to get my deadly body parts onto another body. Thank you for answering my questions before or right after I asked them. This is amazing!

  168. Matthew BARNES

    i wish mickey in lousiana had this stuff instead of mace shed still be with us all potential victims should have this every decent person pray for mickey and tim thanks for keeping it real

  169. John Ireland

    I don see your “problem” with TFT…TFT is explicitly acknowledging the issue that if you miss the target, you don’t get the injury and you place yourself in danger. That is why they spend so much time in free fighting making sure we hit our targets…and not just hit them acurately but to also put all of us into the strike…penitrate and cause injury. The ear in this video is just one target…an example of how easy it is for anyone to cause a trauma injury. In a violent situation the person in the situation has to make the decision of what actual target they are best able to attack…throat…liver…ankle… eyes…groin…this video was not making the ear a priority.

    Also…pay attention to the reaction to the injury…understanding the reaction is the building block to making it a series of strikes that bring the situation to a fast resolution with you as the survivor. Understanding the reactions to the injuries allows you to decide where you want that person to go.
    In a real life situation the ear might sometimes be a better first target than the eyes.

    The UK situation is typical politics. Look at all the people that goon in Norway killed…look at 9/11… if just a few people had TFT training those situations would probably have had very different endings. In Norway all the kids ran away from the man with the gun…so he just followed them and kept shooting them. On 9/11…2 guys with box cutters held entire planes of passangers at bay…the passanger sat in their seats and went to their death because they did not understand that they could have saved their own and thousands of other lives. On the fourth plane the passangers decided to act…but they waited too long.

    I am very satisfied with the training I received at TFT and with their DVD series…including understanding the logic of avioding violenet situations.

    John Ireland

  170. Ryan

    Cool, Taget, Focus, Destroy and go home.

  171. Rick

    As to what James was saying, equal force to equal force is OK if you’re not talking about asocial creeps that want to rape your wife and burn you house down. But when you are talking about evil, mindless creeps that will kill you as soon as look at you, equal force goes out the window. These techniques are not bandaids for any situation. There is a specific time when they will be needed, otherwise, they should be reserved until that time arises if it arises.

  172. Richard Cutting

    Hello Mr. Larkin.

    Thanks for the video clip. I have read all the emails I’ve been sent and also your book so was pleased to get the chance to see some of the actual training.

    I find it a nonsense that Thersea May barred you form the UK, a nonsense but sadly not a surprise. Still you can’t pay for that type of advertising – every cloud and all that.

    As soon as I am working again I will be saving up to come and attend your class.



    PS – did you consult on the first RDJ Sherlock film? The bare knuckle fight scene reminds me of some of the things you talk about.

  173. Nicholas

    Wow….While waiting for the video to load I began to peruse some of the comments. I gotta tell some of you guys, that you are way off the mark, on a lot of your statements. First and foremost, are you going to miss targets? Probably, maybe, perhaps, but it only takes hitting one once, to slow everything down and not miss again. What people don’t understand about fighting period, is it is very chaotic, and there is a lot going on. Adrenaline, fear, shock, the horror that someone would even be assaulting you. The assault itself, the pain of being struck, of being beaten on. It’s all a terrible, terrible thing, and a very bad feeling. Arms and legs are flying everywhere. That all stops once the first injury is done. Injured people don’t continue to fight, until they stop being injured. Period. Targets work, they aren’t that hard to hit. Take the lateral side of the neck as an example. If you use an edge of hand strike,(i.e. karate chop) to deliver this blow, even if you miss on the long side with the edge of your hand, as long as the man doesn’t duck, you will still hit him in that target area with your forearm. As far as the ear clap goes, this has been a target well known in WW2 combatives since there inception in World War 2! It’s a very easy target to hit, provided you have already gotten an injury to begin with. Such as a groin strike.

    To one of the other commentors talking about kids, and one of them being trained in Target Focus Training, jumping straight to the tool of violence and leaving one of them crippled or worse. What you sir do not realize, is that it happens whether they are trained in a system of combat or not. It happens quite often to people having an argument and one decides to shut the other one up and bang blasts the dude. Guy falls down, dead before he ever even hits the floor. THe attacker didn’t mean to kill him, doesn’t matter, dead is dead, whether you meant to or not. Nobody will care that it was an accident. We see more, and more kids bringing weapons to school, at an alarming rate. As well, I will tell you that your terminology of disabled is wholey dependent on your own personal understanding of that word. As is mine. I don’t see a child being disabled, or ‘merely disabled’ as a good thing. God forbid it be my kid that is disabled, or a niece or nephew. Because some punk decided to bring a weapon to school. Bottom line at the end of the day, you do with your children and yourself what you wish. For me and my household, we will be prepared to swim. Why? So we don’t drowned when we fall into the water. The same with TFT, you learn to use violence, so that you can swim to the edge of the pool and get out. Thus saving your life from drowning in that unwholesome pool that nobody wants to swim in. Well, except for those that make there living with it. Grow up, do some study and some research. Kids are being killed, adults are being killed simply because they thought they could put there hands on somebody and not kill them. THat potential is always there. Whether you want to or not! You need to understand that you can not, ever put your hands on somebody else without that potential for great serious harm or even death being put upon both combatants. There is no ‘non-lethal’ guaranteed move or techinque. ONly less likely to be lethal. Never any guarantees. Tasers were supposed to be the answer at one time to remember? The non-lethal way of police gaining compliance from a criminal. How many people have died from a taser? Hmmm? Those are ‘trained’ police officers. You think they should know if someone has a medical history before they shoot them with a taser? How would they get that information during an arrest, that goes bad? Did they know the man? Do they have his ID? Come on… guarantees my friend, except for this. When you are accosted by a true a-social individual, those skills would serve you very, very well. Perhaps even saving your life. That’s my say. Tim and Chris are putting the information out there to keep people like us safe. What we do with it, and how we choose to use the information is upon us as sane, social individuals. There will always be those who say, “Well you shouldn’t learn that! It’s dangerous!” or, “Why would you need a gun?” Tell that to the lawyers wife who didn’t make it home because he was stopped 15ft. from his front door. Told to give up all of his items, watch, wallet, etc. He did all of that! ALL OF THAT! And it just wasn’t enough. They wanted one other thing, the mans life, and they took it. 15ft, from his front door. His wife was inside. Didn’t hear a thing. Yeah…you need skills like these to make sure that you come home…and if you don’t. I know I do. I want to come home every night. I want to live a happy, productive life. Without having to worry about some jerk who wants the only thing I have that I am not willing to give up. My life. Think about it guys……

  174. James

    Interesting concepts but I am concerned that it would be bringing a bazooka to a fist fight. Lethal force tends to have lethal consequences and it seems that disabling an attacker would be a better go-to. Rupturing ear drums and busting nuts will cause serious damage but are probably not lethal. Punching the throat, dropping your full weight on someone’s neck and spine though… that is some pretty grizzly stuff. Can you imagine tft in the previous video where the two kids were fighting? They were just having a scuffle. If one of them immediately jumped to tft, then rather than a disabled kid on the ground, there would be a dead kid on the ground. Equal response to equal threat should always be considered and I feel that these videos are not expressing that.

  175. jaw-dropping, and fits with all the other training, makes sense

  176. Gordon Bush

    Very good instruction and training I only wish I had the money to get the course for my wife and granddaughters. For I fear they are a bunch of Polleyannas’.

  177. Sam

    Eyes, neck, knees and nuts. Focus on the target and when you get that sickening feeling that your life is about to be placed in jeopardy, execute the moves with no hesitation and full power. This is why (I think) that Tim stresses training. Focus on the target and your actions must become a reflex, so you do not even have to think about what to do.
    This is what criminals deserve.

  178. Andy Marcell

    This is an excellent real world education.It is clear that the thugs of the world do not get anymore practice that what they do to their victims. I am disabled and I find this valuable information. Thank you.

  179. Brandon

    I would have to say ditto to Ty G’s comment. Literally, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I am convinced that many of the people leaving comments on these videos, (like Peter), have not read Tim’s book, and therefore do not understand what it is that TFT teaches.

    I wish it were mandatory that someone finishes Tim’s book, in it’s entirety, BEFORE leaving any comments.

    Oh well, most of us know a mindless detractor when we see one.

    I was very curious as to how the training was performed to not cause injury to reaction partners, and after viewing this glimpse of live TFT training, that curiosity has been replaced with full understanding.

  180. Ty G

    @ Peter – Based on your question, ‘why aim for precise areas…’ then why aim at all? Why not break your hand punching the skull or why not flail about with no attention to targeting critical parts of the anatomy that will deliver results if applied correctly?? Your comments make no sense to me. Tim is making the point that if you are defending your life the only way to have a shot at that with a bigger threat, that will likely have buddies and likely have a weapon, is to take the violence to them. Maybe you have not watched his previous video where the cop is fighting for his life with the huge boxer? I see no ‘problem’ with TFT mission, which is to train you to deal true damage that will stop the encounter, not go ‘toe to toe’ like that cop tried to do. Yes, you might miss, you can ‘miss’ with any strike attemtp, but you also might get the hit and if you do you’re one step closer to ending the violent encounter by being the one dealing out the violence.

    Tim was banned from the UK, a country where it is now pactically a crime to fight your attacker. Maybe you should consider that before regurgitating U.K. police manual tips. I’m sure that strikes to the eyes and throat are also key targeting areas that you would learn about in his DVD’s or in live training with his team. This was a short video example of how they train, not an attempt to give us all the target areas in one clip.

    Tim this is another good video and I am glad you chose to share it with the public. Unfortunatley there are many folks who want to continue to live in a fantasy world that only some people are eligible to have proper mindset and training on how to deal with a life threatening situation. They are more comfortable with reffering to police manuals from a country that has been turned upside down by the ninny state. Your message is raw, and not politically correct. To me that reeks of truth and I for one applaud your guts in stepping outside of the box and being willing to open the eyes of the willing to the reality of what it takes to make it home to your loved ones. Keep up the good work.

  181. reggie


  182. Hello,

    I am a 58 year old Disabled American Veteran (broken back 4 times, have one knee replaced and the other is going), It has been some time since I even thought about this type of training. I have and will always carry my handgun as my last restort. While I know my gun is able to KILL, that is not always what I need/want to do. Being disabled I have had to learn multiple different methods of not getting my ass kicked in the world I live in. I run with some pretty smart, tough, and strong individuals. I have found my brain to be the ultimate weapon in most situations. You have to keep your witts about you and pay attention to each situation and always be looking for that one opening that will put me on top. Even before I found out about TFT I have tried to learn as much about the human body and it’s weak points so they can be exploited if necessary. I am planning to purchase these videos (unable to attend a class as I would like to) as a learning tool to keep me sharp and focused. To me this is pretty exciting and a great tool to have in ones tool chest.brain. I always try to figure out a way out but some times there just isn’t one. That’s when this would be great knowledge to posess. It’s then up to the person to over come their fear (the thing most folks can’t overcome) and make use of these tools.

  183. macca

    First time I’ve heard of this attack on the eardrum – but it makes total sense due to the sensitivity of the area involved.
    The result still depends on the amount of force used in the slap action ? The video shows the theory but not the practical force/effort applied.

    I feel that the use of a fully upright and supported Mannequin as the target of the action within the video and we could then see the amount of force used by the instructors to immobilize an attacker.

  184. jeff

    pinpoint accuracy in terms of attack strategy and tactics. EXCELLENT!! BRAVO!

  185. Peter

    The “problem” with Target Focus Training is what happens when you miss the target. Tim’s methedology suggests multiple strikes, which works if you get the chance. Why aim for precise areas like the ear when the technique is worthless if you miss – as this video points out?

    My theory – and it is just that, therory – is to use moves that will do some harm, even if the technique doesn’t go right. If you strike with an open hand to the throat and you miss, you can take out the eyes or follow through with the elbow.

    A U.K. police training manual for officers guarding so-called V.IP.’s recomends strikes to the eyes and throat, which will cause death or serious injury – precisly the sort of techniques Tim was banned from the U.K. for teaching, but then different standards apply when it comes to the safety of our political masters!